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Yokogawa's Optical Reflectometer offers the shortest dead zone in the industry. Yokogawa's 25+ year history of innovation in reflectometry design provides technology solutions where you need them most.

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Yokogawa AQ7280 OTDR has a 8.4 inch color TFT LCD that supports the same intuitive multi-touch functionality found in smartphones and other handheld devices, allowing users to reposition and resize objects on the screen.

Yokogawa AQ7275 OTDR enhancements include a PON option allowing accurate event analysis after a 1x32 splitter with significantly reduced undershoot effects. Also unique to the industry is a built-in section of launch fiber to eliminate the need for a separate launch box.

Yokogawa AQ1200 Multi Field Tester OTDR is a standard model with the same wavelengths used for communication services. Applicable for installation and maintenance.

Although the Yokogawa AQ1000 OTDR it is positioned as an entry-level model, it still retains Yokogawa’s established standards of quality/reliability and features characteristics which are usually present in higher-level models, such as a high-quality capacitive multi-touch touchscreen and wireless connectivity.

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