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MILLER® Scissors Designed
For Electronic & Electrical Components

These scissors are meant to last, made with hardened steel and a chrome over nickel plating to prevent rust & corrosion. Miller Tools a Technician's choice!

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MILLER® Electrician Scissors 925CS Series

Miller Kelvar KS2 Electronic Cutters

MILLER® Electronics Scissors IS4 1/4 Model

Specialty Electronics Scissors IS4 1/4 Model

MILLER® Electronics Scissors 33 1/4 Model

Specialty Electronics Scissors 33 1/4 Model

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925 Series Splicer’s Scissors Features

  • Multi-purpose scissors ideal for electrical & electronic applications including to cut harnesses, splice wire & strip insulation
  • Durable, all-metal through-hardened steel with chrome over nickel plating to prevent rust & corrosion
  • Equipped with stripping notches for 19 & 23 AWG wire, as well as a scraper & file located on the blade

925CS Scissors Specs

Wire Notches: 19 AWG / 23 AWG
Cut Length: 1.75′′(44.45 mm)
Length: 5.25′′(133 mm)
Weight: 3.2 oz(91 g)

925CS Ergonomic Electrician Scissors
Part: 46046 - $20.79

IS4 1/4 & 33 1/4 Specialty Scissors
For Electrical Components Features

  • Ideal for cutting harnesses, trimming terminal wires & assembling circuit boards in industrial applications
  • Precision-crafted needle-sharp points ensure accuracy & maneuver in tight areas
  • Durable, hot-forged & double-plated chrome over nickel fine cutlery steel construction
IS4 1/4 Specialty Scissors:

Powerful, high-leverage scissors designed for stripping shielding & cutting thin wire for shim stock

33 1/4 Specialty Scissors:

Delicate, high-leverage scissors with sharp, curved blades for ideal for intricate cutting application

IS4 1/4 & 33 1/4 Specialty Scissors Specs

Miller IS4 1/4 Scissors

Blades: Straight
Blade Length: 0.75" (19 mm)
Overall Length: 4.25′′ (108 mm)

IS4 1/4 Specialty Scissors
Part: 46333 - $21.00

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MILLER 33 1/4 Scissors

Blades: Curved
Blade Length: 0.50′′ (13 mm)
Overall Length: 3.25′′ (83 mm)

33 1/4 Specialty Scissors
Part: 46332 - $19.89

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