INNO View 5X Fusion Splicer – $8,068

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New View 5X Core Alignment Splicer

AI-Driven Features & Embedded IoT & GPS Modules
Ultra-fast Splicing - Active V-Grooves - Rapid Response

Includes a SIM Card For Up To 5 Years Of Data Storage!

The View 5X, a proud member of the ViewX Series, combines the best of splicing techniques with top-notch features. Using core alignment, it ensures fibers are lined up perfectly. Plus, with its advanced IoT and GPS capabilities, you’re not just getting a splicer – you’re getting smart, connected technology. Designed for those who want both reliability and the latest features in their tools, the View 5X is a standout choice for fiber optics work.

INNO View 5X Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

INNO View 5X With

Real-Time Tracking - Report & Data Management
Job & Work Management - Device Management

Only $8,068!

INNO View 5X Features:

The Fastest Splicing Time
Splicing Operation reduced to as little as 4 seconds
Pressure Heater Technology
Reducing Operation to Only 9 seconds
Versatile Fiber Holder
Switch easily between Standard and Loose-Tube
Improved Lighting
For better visibility in dark environment
Rapid Response Time
Intuitive Interface | Experience Redefined
Increased Energy Efficiency
Increased number of cycles, even with the same battery capacity
3 Year Warranty!

INNO View 8X Specifications:

Fusion Splicer Splicing

  • Splicing Technology - Core Alignment
  • Splicing Time - 4s
  • Heating Time - 9s
  • Typical Loss - SM: 0.01dB / MM: 0.01dB / DS: 0.03dB / NZDS: 0.03dB / G.657: 0.01dB

View 5X Dimensions

  • Size (HWD) - H: 151mm W: 149mm D: 177mm
  • Weight - 2.35kg (with battery)


View 5X Full Specifications

View 5X Fusion Splicer Spec Sheet (pdf)

View 5X Fusion Splicer Kit Includes
  • View 5X
  • V12 Cleaver
  • FH-SOC-R | SOC Holder
  • HTS-SOC-02 | SOC Heater Cover
  • JS-180300 AC Adapter
  • CG-23 Cooling Tray
  • E-70 Electrodes
  • LBT-30 Battery Pack
  • ACC-25 Power Cable
  • USB-7P USB Cable
  • ICC-55 Carrying Case
  • ST-01 Shoulder Strap

View 3X Specifications 1

View 3X Specifications 2

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INNO View 8X Core Alignment Splicer

INNO View 8X Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Only $9040 with 3 Yr Warranty

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