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FORC F15 Fusion Splicer - FORC F12R Ribbon Splicer

FORC F15 Fusion Splicer

4 Units In-Stock

F15 Core Alignment Kit
2 NEW - Only $5,000ea.
F15 Core Alignment Kit
TOTAL ARCS 289 - Only $4,500
F15 Core Alignment Kit
TOTAL ARCS 25 - Only $4,500

2 Units In-Stock

F12R Ribbon Kit
TOTAL ARCS 257 - Only $6,000
F12R Ribbon Kit
TOTAL ARCS 491 - Only $6,000

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FORC F12R Ribbon Splicer

Refurbished AFL Fujikura FSM-60S In-Stock

Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer

Not Actual Image

2 Units - Fully Tested

FSM-60S Core-alignment splicers
Total ARCs: Unit 1 - 12k
Total ARCs: Unit 2 - 19k
Only $4,500
Kit contents may vary.

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AFL Fujikura Splicers
Coming Soon!

Fujikura 41S+ Clad Alignment
Fujikura 31S+ Clad Alignment

These units are in our splicer lab and are waiting to be tested. All our refurbished products are fully tested prior to shipping.

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Refurbished INNO Splicers In-Stock - Fully Tested

INNO IFS-15H Refurbished Fusion Splicer

Not Actual Image

IFS-15H Core Alignment Kit

TOTAL ARCS 23K - Only $3,000
The IFS-15H splicer with a (DACAS) Digital Analysis Core Alignment System is very dependable with a user friendly, intuitive GUI and a 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD screen.
Kit contents may vary.

INNO IFS-10 Fusion Splicer Refurbished

Not Actual Image

IFS-10 Core Alignment Kit

TOTAL ARCS 16K - Only $3,000
The IFS-10 is programmed to splice all common fiber types with precision accuracy, this unit has a large 5 inch display that is bi-directional viewable in both front and rear positions.

Refurbished FORC F15 Core Alignment Kit In-Stock

FORC F15 Core Alignment Splicer Screen on

Not Actual Image

Fully Tested

TOTAL ARCS 17k - Only $3,500
Designed with the user in mind and is perfect for any FTTH and Outside plant application. The small, compact design makes it a perfect splicer for any environment. Features include a color 4.3-inch LCD screen.

FORC F15 Features

  • Dual batteries 5200m Ah per kit -up to 400 Cycles
  • 3 Bright LED Lights for Dark Environments
  • Fast -Splice and Heat Time
  • 4.3-inch Color LCD Captive Touch Screen
  • Detachable SOC -Holders and Oven Attachment
  • Designed with Rubber Bumpers for Splicer and Screen Protection
  • Automatic Trash Bin Cleaver Standard

Refurbished EXFO 715B MaxTesters

EXFO Models Available

MAX-715B-M2 with OTDR - Only $4,800
MAX-715B-M1 with ILOM - Only $3,500
MAX-715B-M1 with OTDR - Only $3,500
MAX-715B-M1 with SRC - Only $3,000
MAX-715B-M1 with ILOM/OTDR/SRC - Only $4,200
MAX-715B-M1 with ILOM/OTDR/SRC - Only $4,200
MAX-715B-M1 with ILOM/OTDR/SRC - Only $4,200
MAX-715B-M1 with ILOM/OTDR - Only $4,000
MAX-715B-M1 with OTDR/SRC-(No VFL/PM) - Only $3,000

EXFO MaxTester Features

  • Patented Dual Independent Ovens
  • Splice time of 11 seconds/Heat time 35 seconds
  • Auto Clamping Adjustment System
  • High Resolution Touch Screen Display
  • Improved User Interface

Learn More About These EXFO Units

EXFO-MAX-715B-M1 Home Screen

TYPE-Q502S-8RH Clad Alignment Kit

Sumitomo TYPE-Q502S Clad Fusion Splicer

TOTAL ARCS 896 - Only $2,900

Kit includes: 250um and 900um Fiber Holders, Precision Cleaver w/ Auto Rotating Blade (FC-8R), Fiber Stripper (JR-M03), One Pack of Fiber Protection Sleeves, Hard Shipping Case, set of Spare Electrodes (ER-17), AC Interface/Battery Charger with Power Cord, Battery Unit (BU-17), Cleaning Kit (FUS-CLN-KIT)


  • Fast Splicer with 6-Second Splice Time and 12-Second Heaters
  • Long-Life Battery for 250 Splice and Heater Cycles Per Charge
  • Long-Life Electrodes Up to 6,000 Arcs
  • Ruggedized Design for Shock (Drop from 76 cm on 5 Faces), Water and Dust Resistant (IP52)
  • 4.3-inch TFT Color LCD Monitor, Fully Navigational Touch Screen Monitor

Sumitomo TYPE−Q102−M12 - Refurbished - $11,900

Ribbon Splicer

1600 Total ARCs


Includes: Mass Fiber Cleaver (FC-6RM)
Heated Fiber Stripper (JR-6+) plus AC adapter
Pair of 12-Fiber Holders (FHM-12), pair of 250um single fiber holders (FHS-025)
BTR-15 Battery
ADC-1430 Power Cord
Shipping Case

90 Day Warranty



  • Patented Dual Independent Ovens
  • Splice time of 11 seconds/Heat time 35 seconds
  • Auto Clamping Adjustment System
  • High Resolution Touch Screen Display
  • Improved User Interface
Sumitomo Q102-M12 Ribbon Splicer

AFL Fujikura 90S - Refurbished - $9,000

Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

The 90S kit solves problems seen in the field today, from splicing poor quality legacy fiber to automated equipment maintenance and upkeep. The 90S can be utilized in any field splicing application seen today: bend-insensitive fibers in drop cables, long-haul terrestrial and submarine LEAF fibers, loose buffer fiber, splice on connectors, and the list goes on.

90 Day Warranty

Total ARCs 4,399

CT50 Cleaver
S03 Single Fiber Stripper
Battery-15, ADC-20 AC Adapter
ACC-14 AC Cord
Electrodes & Carrying Case

AFL Fujikura 90S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

AFL Fujikura 90R - Refurbished - $12,500

Fujikura 90R Fusion Splicer

Total ARCs 539

RS03 Hot Jacket Stripper with ADC-09 AC Adapter
ACC-14 AC Cord
BTR-15 Battery
FH-70-12 Fiber Holders
Carrying Case

Ribbon Fusion Splicer

90R Fusion Splicer Applications:
  • Data Center cable installation
  • High fiber count metro and campus networks
  • Long-haul network installs and repair
  • Trunk cable repair with Splice-on MPOs
  • Ribbon splicing high density cables with 200 μm loose fiber

90 Day Warranty

AFL Fujikura 70R - Refurbished 2 Units - $9,000

Ribbon Fusion Splicer

  • Automated and programmable wind protector
  • 40-second automated tube heater
  • Fully ruggedized for shock, dust, and moisture
  • Li-ion battery with 110 splices/shrinks per charge
  • On-board training and support videos
  • Internet software upgrades
  • Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation

90 Day Warranty

Total ARCs 2,669

Total ARCs 6,895

CT30 cleaver
RS02 stripper
FH-50-12 (12 fiber ribbon)
ADC-18 Adapter
ELCT2-20A electrodes
Transit case

AFL- Fujikura-70R Stock Image

View 12R Max - Refurbished - $9,000

View 12R Max Ribbon Splicer

Total ARCs 107

V11 Cleaver
TS Pro Thermal Stripper
FH-12 / FH-250 / FH-900 Fiber Holders
AC Adapter / ACC-25 Power Cable
E-70 Electrode 1set
LBT-30 Battery Pack
CB-01 V-Groove Cleaning Brush
HTS-SOC / SOC Heater Cover
FH-SOC / SOC Holder 1ea
Carrying Case

View 12R Max Ribbon Fusion Splicer

View 12R Fusion Splicer Applications:
  • Motorized Clamp Alignment System
  • The Highest Magnification and Resolution
  • Double Tapping (Zoom in & out)
  • The Fastest Working Time
  • 5 inches Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Ultra-High Capacity Battery
  • Universal Single Fiber Holder

90 Day Warranty

View 7 - Refurbished - $8,000

View 7 Fusion Splicer

View 12R Fusion Splicer Features:
  • Mirrorless Design for improved work efficiency
  • Large Battery Capacity : 355 Splice and Heat
  • 5mm cleave length for 250µm/900µm/3 mm, Flat cable, and SOC
  • Detachable SOC Heating Oven
  • 35 Splicing Modes Illuminated Keypads
  • Harsh Weather Conditions Adaptability

90 Day Warranty

Total ARCs 2315

High Precision Cleaver V7
Fiber Holder / VFH-40
AC Adapter
Cooling Tray
Electrodes / E-50
LBT-20 / Battery Pack
Power Cable / ACC-25
Carrying Case

INNO View 7 Fusion Splicer

May not be actual images. Kit contents may be subject to change.

Repair & Calibration Services

Our technicians have a combination of over 40 years in the industry and have seen many changes in splicing technology. They have the experience and knowledge to clean, calibrate and repair a broad range of fusion splicers and cleavers. Whether you're splicer has service issues or needs an annually clean/cal our techs have the expertise to get your splicer running like new.

Technical diagnosis and estimation of repairs
Detailed documentation on work completed
Pre & post sales technical support
We Service Fusion Splicers & Cleavers:
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