View 12R PRO Fusion Splicer

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INNO View 12R PRO Mass Ribbon Splicer
Cloud Based Operation & Management System

The NEW View 12R PRO is Web Based and Has Real-Time Tracking and Data Management

The New View 12R PRO fusion splicer is equipped with built-in IoT module that connects to INNO's View Pro Cloud Management System for real-time operation and management online. This innovative cloud-based solution is designed to create the most advanced and yet most uncomplicated splicing and work experience. All with a 3 Year Warranty!

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INNO View 12R PRO Fusion Splicer

View 12R PRO With Time Lock - Function

‐ Automatically Locks on set time
‐ Prevents Theft
‐ Unlocks with Device Password
‐ Up to 6 Time Settings

View Pro Management System

View Pro Management System is an integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s splicers. This innovative web-based application allows both technicians and managers of the splicers to maximize the use of its assets and to achieve the highest work efficiency. Real-time communications with tiered access rights and options to manage job orders, manage splicing machines, and send/receive reports are only a small part of the innovative work processes offered by the View PRO.

View PRO Cloud Management System Features

Real-time Tracking
Report & Data Management
Job & Work Management
Device Management
Secure Time Lock Function

The NEW View 12R PRO Web Based Fusion Splicer With:

  • Built-in IoT Module for Mobile Data Communication
  • Web-based, Real-time Operation System
  • Motorized Clamp Alignment System
  • The Highest Magnification and Resolution of 250x
  • 5” Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Double Tapping ( Zoom in & Out )
  • Fast Splice Time: Ribbon fiber 15sec (Avg) / Single fiber 9sec (Avg)
  • Fast Heating Time: Typical 20 sec
  • Ultra-High Capacity Battery - 220 splice/heat cycles
  • Universal Single Fiber Holder for 250μm & 900μm single fiber
View PRO Reference Guides

View 12R PRO Fusion Splicer Spec Sheet (pdf)
View PRO User Manual (pdf)
View PRO Quick Guide (pdf)

View 12R PRO Splicer Kit Includes

  • View 12R PRO
  • V11 One Step Fully Automatic Cleaver
  • TS ProThermal Stripper
  • Fiber Holders: FH-12 & FH-250 1set ea
  • FH-SOC-R SOC Holder 1ea
  • HTS-SOC-01 SOC Heater Holder 1ea
  • JS-180300 AC Adapter
  • CG-22 Cooling Tray
  • E-50 Electrode 1set
  • LBT-30 Battery Pack
  • ACC-25 Power Cable
  • USB-7P USB Cable
  • ICC-55 Carrying Case
  • IWS-06 Work Tray
  • WTB-01 Work Tray (M6*8) 2ea
  • ST-01 Shoulder Strap 2ea
  • USB-10PUSB Cable
  • CB-01V-Groove cleaning brush
  • JS-1500Thernal Stripper Charger
  • Quick Reference

The View PRO Series Dashboard

INNO View PRO Fusion Splicer Dashboard

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