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Innovative and Advanced Power Analyzer provides certified results for various applications that require complex analysis and comparison, calculation. Power Meter and Battery Tester with the fastest speed of data acquisition and the accurate result will improve the production efficiency in a massive production.

Motor Evaluation, Power Consumption and Efficiency, Analysis Quality of Power in certified Power Analyzer and Power Meter. And Test the quality of Battery promptly and accurately to increase your production performance.

Power Analyzer View 770

VIEW 770 for complex multi-channel input measurement provides up to 7 power inputs and double motor inputs, characterized by various assembled modes of power board, multiple options of measurement range and accuracy.

Power Meter View 710

A powerful instrument for measuring home appliances, OA products (office automation), and equipment with large power and process control automation.

Power Meter View View 730

Widely used in the areas such as power industry, office or home appliances testing and evaluation, battery drive test and motor efficiency test.

Battery Tester View 830/810

It is a high-precision, high- resolution battery tester and widely used for testing various batteries such as lithium batteries for mobile phones, storage batteries and power batteries.

INNO 5G Smart Spectrum Analyzer

INNO 5G Smart spectrum analyzer

INNO 5G Pro Spectrum Analyzer

INNO 5G pro spectrum analyzer