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Polywater QC-KIT2

Polywater Cleaning Kits & Solutions

QC Kit2 Quickleen™ | AQ-2LP | AQ-2DR | QC-2LP | Polywater TC Family of Cleaners

FiberKleen™ Accessories are best used with the combination wet - dry cleaning procedure recommended in Telcordia GR-2923-CORE. Microfiber towels (DT-D175) and holder (FC-HOLDER), available from American Polywater Corporation work well with this method. Several drops or a light spray of AquaKleen™ or QuicKleen™ cleaner is placed on the towel. Preferred cleaning motion is a straight line motion, drawing the endface through the wetted portion of the towel, and then through a clean portion of a second dry towel. Use of the FC-HOLDER optimizes the cleaning process. Swabs may be dampened on the wetted portion of the towel in order to clean the bulkhead or equipment.

Polywater DT D175 Wipes


Polywater Cleaning Wipes & Towels

AQ-WETDRY1 | HTC-D72 | HS-D72 Hydrasol wipe | Type FO iso alcohol | DT-D175 Microfiber Towels

Polywater offers a large variety of cleaning wipes and towels for all of your communication needs. Polywater cleaning wipes are heavy duty towelettes feature a textured side to quickly remove grease. Polywater towels are lint free, non fraying ultra-clean material.

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