RIPLEY® MILLER® FOC-SS Fiber Optic Cleaver

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MILLER® Tools Carry a 1 Year Warranty

The FOC-SS fiber optic cleaver will score and cleave fiber leaving a mirror-like end face finish 2.0mm - 20.0mm from the fiber coating.

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MILLER® FOC-SS Part: 46490 Only $152.23

FOC-SS Part: 46491 Carbide Blade Replacement Only $67.10

Miller Fiber Optic Cleavers


  • Engineered for fiber cleaving applications including the field termination of fiber connectors & mechanical splices, as well as numerous laboratory uses
  • Suitable for single & multi-mode fibers with 125 micron cladding
  • Precision blade provides a cleave end-face angle of less than 2°
  • Equipped with standard carbide cleaving blade that provides over 6,000 cleaves before replacement
  • Graduated leaf spring scale measures accurate cleave lengths from 2 to 20 mm
  • Features a "Score & Snap" leaf spring function for easy & efficient cleaving
  • No operator tool adjustments needed
FOC-SS Specifications

For use with single .125mm OD fiber
Cleave Length:
0.08" - 0.79" (2.0 - 20.0 mm)
4.88" x 0.79" x 1.57" (124mm x 20mm x 40 mm)
2.12 oz (60 gm)
Operating temperature:
0-40 deg. C
Storage temperature:
20-60 deg. C


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