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All of Our Refurbished Splicers are Tested & Calibrated Prior to Shipping

We make every effort to keep this page up to date, however inventory rotates quickly. To verify your item is in-stock please call 877-287-7535.

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All Refurbished Fusion Splicers Are Fully Tested, Calibrated and Ready to Ship!


Fujikura FSM-70S Fusion Splicer

AFL Fujikura FSM-70S Splicer Kit

This is an U.S. Model - Total ARC Count of 1437
Tested & Calibrated


INNO View 7 Fusion Splicer

View 7 Fusion Splicer Kit sn09403

Refurbished - Only 1963 Total ARCs

Excellent Condition with a 2 Year Warranty!


Fujikura FSM-50S Fusion Splicer

Fujikura FSM-50S Fusion Splicer Kit sn10733

Refurbished - 22410 Total ARCs


Fujikura FSM-21S Fusion Splicer

We have 2 units in stock & ready to ship!

Fujikura FSM-21S

Total ARCs 3290 Buy Now Only $2999
Total ARCs 8997 Buy Now Only $2999


EXFO FTB-1 OTDR Screen sn947276
FTB-720 Module and FTB-1 Mainframe
EXFO FTB-1 850/1300/1310/1550nm QUAD- OTDR
FTB-720-12CD-23B-EI-EA | Buy Now $9500

EXFO FTB-1 Single Mode OTDR 1310/1550nm, 36/34dB
FTB-1-720-23B-EA | Buy Now $4500

Sumitomo Type-45S Fusion Splicer
Total ARC Count 4680

Sumitomo Type-45S Fusion Splicer

Buy Now Only $2499
Sumitomo Type-37 Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo Type-37 Fusion Splicer


Fujikura Type-30R Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo Type 30R Fusion Splicer

Sorry This Unit Is SOLD
Fitel S122A Fusion Splicer

Fitel S122A Splicer Kit Refurbished

Buy Now Only $2200
Noyes OFI-400 Fiber Identifier New-Open Box
Only 3 Left - Don't Wait These Won't Last!

AFL Noyes OFI-400 Optical Fiber Identifier

Buy Now Only $995
Fusion Splicer Electrodes

Replacement electrodes for Sumitomo, Fitel, Fujikura and more. Only $49 a pair.

Electrodes S148

Buy in bulk and save on
packs of 5, 10 and 20 sets.
Free YOKOGAWA Mainframe

Yokogawa AQ8280 OTDR

This Offer Won't Last
Please call 877-287-7535 today.

9 OTDR units ranging from single mode to multi mode, from low dynamic range to ultra-high dynamic range, and 2 wavelengths to 4 wavelengths. Additional non-standard accessories, & options sold separately

FREE View 5 Fusion Splicer When You Purchase 2000 SOCs at $5.95ea

For a limited time we're offering a FREE View 5 fusion splicer with the purchase of 2000 SOCs.
Choose from LC, SC, ST, FC styles.
Splice-on connectors from INNO
Please call 877-287-7535 for more information.
This offer cannot be combined with any other FiberOptic Resale coupon or special offerings.


INNO View 5 Fusion Splicer

View Fusion Splicer Special Bundles at Discount Prices

View 12R with a FORC-EZ7 Splicer

INNO View 12R with EasySplicer EZ7

New View 12R &
a FORC-EZ7 Splicer
Buy Now Only $11,990

View 7 with a FORC-EZ7 Splicer

INNO View 7 with EasySplicer EZ7

New View 7 &
a FORC-EZ7 Splicer
Buy Now Only $9,500


View 5 with a FORC-EZ7 Splicer

INNO View 5 with EasySplicer EZ7

New View 5 &
a FORC-EZ7 Splicer
Buy Now Only $8,500


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