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View 770 Power Analyzer For Complex Multi-channel Input Measurement

VIEW 770 for complex multi-channel input measurement provides up to 7 power inputs and double motor inputs, characterized by various assembled modes of power board, multiple options of measurement range and accuracy.

Powerful features, including multi-channel input measurement, high-speed sampling, rich display formats in real-time numeric, waveform, trend, bar graph, vector and more.

INNO Power Analyzer View 770

View 770 Technical Specifications

Allowable Power Supply Voltage Fluctuation Range
From 85 to 264V AC
Rated Power Supply Frequency
Warm-up Time
Approximately 30 minutes
Operation Environment
Temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C Humidity: from 20% to 80%RH (no condensation)
Operating Altitude
2000m or less
Applicable Environment

Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Transducer, Variable Frequency Motor
Equipped with 7 measurement channels and double-motor channels, this power analyzer pro VIEW770 can measure and evaluate the voltage, current, power, efficiency of the inverter of the electric vehicle, charger, battery, motor, and so on.

Power Efficiency Assessment: New Energy System
With the progress of new energy used, the power quality is becoming increasingly prominent. This product can be used to effectively monitor and evaluate the power energy problem arising from harmonic or low voltage.

Functional Test to Home Appliance
This power analyzer pro of VIEW770 series can simultaneously test up to 7 pieces of appliances (home appliance of single phase) for measuring the voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor and harmonics.

Testing to Aircraft Electrical Power System
The frequency of the aviation AC power supply system generally are 400Hz or 800Hz, but it is very difficult for a common power analyzer to satisfy the requirement of measuring such frequency, especially measuring the harmonics.

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