INNO View 3X Fusion Splicer – $3,596

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New View 3X Active V-Groove Clad Alignment Splicer

AI-Driven Features & Embedded IoT & GPS Modules
Ultra-fast Splicing - Active V-Grooves - Rapid Response

Includes a SIM Card For Up To 5 Years Of Data Storage!

As part of the esteemed ViewX Series, the View 3X is a testament to precision in cladding alignment splicing. Leveraging the signature features of its series, this model is designed for reliability and consistency. Specializing in cladding alignment, the View 3X ensures effective fiber positioning, delivering dependable splices with each use. For professionals seeking a meticulous and consistent approach to their splicing needs, the View 3X stands as a trustworthy companion in the world of fiber optics.

INNO View 3X Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer

INNO View 3X With

Real-Time Tracking - Report & Data Management
Job & Work Management - Device Management

Only $3,596!

INNO View 3X Features:

The Fastest Splicing Time
Splicing Operation reduced to as little as 4 seconds
Pressure Heater Technology
Reducing Operation to Only 9 seconds
Versatile Fiber Holder
Switch easily between Standard and Loose-Tube
Improved Lighting
For better visibility in dark environment
Rapid Response Time
Intuitive Interface | Experience Redefined
Increased Energy Efficiency
Increased number of cycles, even with the same battery capacity
3 Year Warranty

INNO View 3X Specifications:

Fusion Splicer Splicing

  • Splicing Technology - Active Cladding Alignment
  • Splicing Time - 4s
  • Heating Time - 9s
  • Typical Loss - SM: 0.03dB / MM: 0.01dB / DS: 0.05dB / NZDS: 0.05dB / G.657: 0.03dB

View 3X Dimensions

  • Size (HWD) - H: 151mm W: 149mm D: 177mm
  • Weight - 2.19kg (with battery)


View 3X Full Specifications

View 3X Fusion Splicer Spec Sheet (pdf)

View 3X Fusion Splicer Kit Includes
  • View 3X
  • V12 Cleaver
  • FH-SOC-R SOC Holder
  • HTS-SOC-02 SOC Heater Cover
  • JS-180300 AC Adapter
  • CG-23 Cooling Tray
  • E-70 Electrodes
  • LBT-30 Battery Pack
  • ACC-25 Power Cable
  • USB-7P USB Cable
  • ICC-55 Carrying Case
  • ST-01 Shoulder Strap
View 3X Specifications 1

View 3X Specifications 2

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