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Both The View & The New View PRO Line of Fusion Splicers
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INNO View Fusion Splicers -with View PRO Series

View PRO Fusion Splicers are Web Based with Real-Time Tracking & Data Management

The New View 3 PRO fusion splicer is equipped with built-in IoT module that connects to INNO's View Pro Cloud Management System for real-time operation and management online. This innovative cloud-based solution is designed to create the most advanced and yet most uncomplicated splicing and work experience.

View Fusion Splicers Offer High Fiber Magnification a Fast Splice/Heat Time With a Long Battery Life

View Series Core Alignment, Ribbon and Clad Alignment fusion splicers from INNO Instrument are designed for technicians who require splicers that are dependable, efficient, and cost effective. The View Series Splicers have gone through vigorous testing and compare to top selling more expensive fusion splicers.

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INNO View 12R PRO Ribbon Splicer $12,000

View 12R PRO Ribbon Splicer with an automatic clamp alignment system offers more accurate and dependable ribbon fiber splicing up to 12 fibers with the double-tapping (zoom in & out) to the world’s highest magnification of 250x.

INNO View 8 PRO Fusion Splicer $8,840

View 8 PRO Core Alignment with a sizeable, large battery capacity at full charge allows up to 355 splice and heating cycles. In addition, the improved heating oven provides fast heating times to 9s.

INNO View 5 PRO Fusion Splicer $7,868

View 5 PRO fusion Core Alignment splicer is one of the most dependable fusion splicers it it's field. Standard functions including a detachable SOC holder and heating oven makes it easy to use and cost-effective.

INNO View 3 PRO Fusion Splicer $3,396

The View 3 PRO is an Active clad-alignment splicer with 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen with high fiber image magnification rate for clean fiber images. It's user-friendly intuitive GUI.

View 12R Max Ribbon Fusion Splicer $9,940

View 12R Max has a Motorized Clamp Alignment System, a universal fiber holder and a high battery capacity.

View 5 Fusion Splicer $7,474

View 5 fusion Core Alignment splicer is one of the most dependable, cost-effective and reliable fusion splicers it it's field.

View 1 Fusion Splicer $3,095

The View 1 Active clad-alignment splicer with amazingly compact design and a 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen offering large and clear fiber images.

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