INNO Fusion Splicer Protection Sleeves

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Single Fiber Protection Sleeves
40mm & 60mm 100 Pack Only $29

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INNO Fiber Optic Splice Sleeves developed to protect and strengthen fusion splicing of fiber optic cables. Both the INNO IN-SS-60mm and IN-SS-40mm protection sleeves are built from shrinkable plastic; fibers are inserted before splicing into the plastic tube. After splicing the shrinkable tube is heated and shrunk on the splice protecting the spliced fiber from breaking or bending.

INNO Single Fiber Protection Sleeves
IN-SS-40mm 100 Pack - Buy Now $29

INNO IN-SS-40mm Fiber Protection Sleeves

INNO Single Fiber Protection Sleeves
IN-SS-60mm 100 Pack - Buy Now $29

INNO IN-SS-60mm Fiber Protection Sleeves

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View PRO fusion splicers

The New View PRO fusion splicers are equipped with built-in IoT module that connects to INNO's View Pro Cloud Management System for real-time operation and management online. This innovative cloud-based solution is designed to create the most advanced and yet most uncomplicated splicing and work experience.

View Series fusion splicers

View Series Core Alignment, Ribbon and Clad Alignment fusion splicers from INNO Instrument are designed for technicians who require splicers that are dependable, efficient, and cost effective. The View Series Splicers have gone through vigorous testing and compare to top selling more expensive fusion splicers.

View PRO Management System

View PRO Management System is an integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s PRO fusion splicers. This innovative web-based application allows both technicians and managers of the splicers to maximize the use of its assets and to achieve the highest work efficiency. Real-time communications with tiered access rights and options to manage job orders, manage splicing machines, and send/receive reports are only a small part of the innovative work processes offered by the View Pro Management System.

Splicer-on Connectors
Available in SM & MM

Splice-on Connectors

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