Polywater Cleaning Wipes

Polywater Cleaning Wipes & Towels

AQ-WETDRY1 | HTC-D72 | HS-D72 Hydrasol wipe | Type FO iso alcohol | DT-D175 Microfiber Towels

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Polywater offers a large variety of cleaning wipes and towels for all of your communication needs. Polywater cleaning wipes are heavy duty towelettes feature a textured side to quickly remove grease. Polywater towels are lint free, non fraying ultra-clean material

Polywater AQ WETDRY1 Cleaning Wipes

Polywater AQ WETDRY1 Cleaning Wipes

Polywater AQ-WETDRY1
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AquaKleen Saturated Wipe and Dry Towel Tandem Pack - 12 Wipes

Polywater HTC-1 Cleaning Wipes

Polywater Grime-Away Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

Heavy duty towelettes feature a textured side to quickly remove greases and safe for cleaning hands that contact insulated gloves. Moisturized for your hands.

HTC-D72 Dispenser with 72 10 X 12 pre-moistened wipes

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Pollywater Alchol Cleaning Wipes

Polywater Type FO iso alcohol

For cleaning glass fiber or connector end faces for better light transmission performance
FO-1 Type FO iso alcohol wipe 50 units per case

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FO-2LP 2 oz refillable FO iso alcohol

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Pollywater HSD72 Cleaning Wipes

Polywater Hydrasol Cleaners

For cleaning the cable gels off buffer tubes, tools, and work surfaces

HS-D72 Hydrasol wipe / 72 Count

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Polywater DT D175 Wipes

Polywater DT-D175
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175 microfiber towels in a plastic dispenser pack with cleaning pad