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Quantum Type-Q102-CA Core Alignment Splicers

Sumitomo Quantum Type-Q102-CA-3 Core Alignment Splicers

The Q102-CA’s completely redesigned user interface provides a “smartphone-like” experience for inspecting minute areas of fiber with a simple drag and zoom. A new rugged frame withstands twice the shock as the previous generation.

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Quantum Type-Q101-M12™ Mass Fusion Splicer

Quantum Type-Q101-M12™ Mass Fusion
Quantum Mass Splicers have a built-in dual heater system, a Sumitomo Electric innovation, reduces heater wait time and improves splicing efficiency by 70%, yielding a splicer with unprecedented speed, performance, and reliability.

Sumitomo Type-Q101-M12 Mass Splicer Models >

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Sumitomo Fiber Cleavers

Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleavers
Sumitomo FC-8R | Sumitomo FC-6R
Sumitomo FC-6 High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver

Unprecedented Precision…Speed…Performance…Reliability

Sumitomo’s patent pending auto blade rotation technology eliminates the time consuming and error prone process of height/blade rotation adjustments, thereby increasing user friendliness, speed, precision, productivity, and the extension of the cleaver’s maximum product life.

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