Sumitomo Fusion Splicers

Sumitomo Quantum Fusion Splicers

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave introduces the Q102-CA Fusion Splicer to its Quantum splicer portfolio. Maintaining all of the industry-leading features of the previous Q101, the new fusion splicer continues to raise the bar in performance and reliability. 5 second splice and 9 second heating times coupled with Sumitomo’s patented dual independent ovens improve efficiency by over 80% for perfectly streamlined and consecutive splices.

The Q102-CA’s completely redesigned user interface provides a “smartphone-like” experience for inspecting minute areas of fiber with a simple drag and zoom. The new fusion splicer also features a new rugged frame withstanding twice the shock as the previous generation.

Sumitomo Type-Q102-CA Fusion Splicer Models >

The Quantum Mass marks the new standard in fusion splicing. It is the industry’s first and ONLY mass fusion splicer with Automatic Clamp Force Adjustment and Live Time Clamp Force Calibration that allows for real-time fiber offset adjustment for the lowest insertion loss for splicing ribbon fiber and MPO terminations.

Sumitomo’s Quantum Mass is the industry’s lightest, smallest, and most advanced mass fusion splicer, yet it’s also more rugged with superior dust, shock and water-proof resistance for even the harshest environments. The built-in dual heater system, a Sumitomo Electric innovation, reduces heater wait time and improves splicing efficiency by 70%, yielding a splicer with unprecedented speed, performance, and reliability.

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Are you looking for a great refurbished fusion splicer?

These splicers have been fully tested and calibrated in our in-house lab and are ready to ship.
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Some of our Refurbished Sumitomo Include:

Quantum Q102-M12
2 units / low ARCs / $13,499 / 1 Year factory warranty

Quantum Q102-CA
1 unit / low ARCs 2300 / $8,995 / 1 Year factory warranty

Type-66M12 Mass Ribbon
1 unit / Total ARCs 2271


Sumitomo FC-8R Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver

Sumitomo FC-6R Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver

Sumitomo FC-6 High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver

Unprecedented Precision…Speed…Performance…and Reliability characterize Sumitomo Electric’s line of fiber cleavers for single fiber or ribbon fiber.

Sumitomo’s patent pending auto blade rotation technology eliminates the time consuming and error prone process of height and blade rotation adjustments, thereby increasing user friendliness, speed, precision, productivity, and the extension of the cleaver’s maximum product life.

Sumitomo Fiber Holders

Sumitomo Fiber Holders

Sumitomo Fiber Holder Features

  • Tightly Controlled Tolerances On Fiber Holders Allow Proper
    Insertion Alignment In The Fusion Splicer
  • Units are Purchased In Pairs
  • Holders Use Magnets To Close the Covers Tightly and Prevent
    Fiber Slippage

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