Sumitomo Replacement Cleaver Blades

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Our Sumitomo replacement cleaver blades last just as long as the original equipment parts they replace at discount pricing. Every cleaver blade is 100% individually inspected to ensure that they adhere to our stringent tolerances. New cleaver blades can increase productivity through limiting re-work.

Sumitomo Replacement Cleaver BladesBuy Now $79.00

Replacement Cleaver Blades Group

Sumitomo FCP-22 and FC-6 Replacement Blades for Sumitomo cleaver models: FCP-22 and FC-6

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Volume Discounts on Sumitomo Replacement Cleaver Blades

For volume discounts please call 877-287-7535.

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At FiberOptic Resale Corp we have a broad range of expertise on the most popular equipment saving you time, money and the inconvenience of sending your fusion splicers & cleavers to multiple OEMs. Let us keep your fiber optic equipment operating like new.

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  • Technical diagnosis and estimation of repairs

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  • Pre & post sales technical support

Fujikura Fusion Splicers


Fujikura Fusion Splicers

We sell only AFL Fujikura US model fusion splicers.

Our Fujikura fusion splicer stock rotates quickly, please call 877-287-7535 to check availability.

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