Fitel S124M12 Ribbon Splicer

Authorized OFS Fitel Fusion Splicer Distributor

Hand-Held Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer
Authorized OFS Fitel Distributor

The powerful FITEL S124M12 Hand-Held Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer delivers fast and reliable optical fiber splicing even under harsh environmental conditions. Offering a wide range of capabilities, this fusion splicing machine opens the door to an entirely new range of applications.

Designed with end users and rugged field use in mind, the FITEL S124M12 Fusion Splicer delivers rapid splicing and heating for consistent results, splice after splice. Suitable for use ultra high count ribbon cables, this fusion splicing machine is an excellent choice for a variety of deployments including Data Centers, Metro, Backbone and Long-haul.

A broad range of new features that enhance communication, ease of use, portability and field durability combine to make the S124M12 Fusion Splicer one of the most powerful and user-friendly fusion splicing machines available today.

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Fitel S124M12 Ribbon Splicer

Fitel S1124M12 Kit Contents
  • S124M12 main body S124M12-X-A-0001 1
  • Hard carrying case | Cooling tray
  • Battery pack S947
  • Spare electrode ELR-01 1 pair
  • AC adapter S979 | AC power cord
  • Fiber reformer (4 fiber) FRF-01 (8/12 fiber) FRF-02 1 pair ea.
  • Electrode sharpener D5111
  • Tool case TCC-01 | Cleaning blush VGC-01
  • LCD anti-reflective sheet ARS-01
  • Rubber foot RBC-01 1 pair
  • Quick Reference guide | Instruction manual
  • Wi-Fi dongle WFD-01
Fitel S1124M12 Key Features
  • Up to 12-fiber ribbon splicing
  • High speed operation of 15 seconds
    fusion splicing
  • Easy exchangeable V-groove
  • 200 µm coating fiber ribbon is
    applicable by exchanging v-groove
    Easy operation with touch panel and
    GUI mounting
  • 4 LED lamp allows for easy operation
  • Easy maintenance with removable
  • Wi-Fi connectiion allows wireless
    control and data management


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