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S326A Hand-Held High Precision Cleaver - Buy Now $680

Fitel S326 Cleaver
High Precision S326 Optical Fiber Cleaver With its ergonomic and light weight design, the S326 cleaver offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a work bench or in the palm of their hand. The reduced lid size and wide opening angle facilitates fiber loading and improves stability resulting in better single and ribbon fiber cleaves. Just pressing the lever completes the fiber cleave and automatically collects the waste. With 24 positions, the long life-time blade achieves 48,000 fiber cleaves. The S326 cleaver can offer optical fiber cleaving for a full range of OSP and OEM applications. The S326A configuration comes with both the regular and large size fiber waste bin.

One-Step Action
Cleave Anywhere! – In Your Palm or on Your Desktop
Easy Fiber Loading
High Capacity Waste Fiber Collection
Durable design and Easy Maintenance

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S326A Cleaver Specifications

  • Fiber Types — All fiber types
  • Fiber Count — Single to 12 ribbon fiber
  • Clad Diameter — 125 um
  • Coating Diameter — Single fiber: 250 to 900 um
    Ribbon fiber: — 280 to 400 um (thickness)
  • Cleave Length — Single fiber: Fixed length 10 & 16 mm, Variable length 3 to 20 mm
    Ribbon fiber: Fixed length 10 mm
  • Blade Life*1 — 48000 fibers (2000 fibers×24 positions)
  • Dimensions — S326A: 96Wx79Dx56H mm
  • Weight — S326A: 250 g
Fitel S123C V2 Fusion Splicers


OFS Fitel S123C V2 Fusion Splicer

The Fitel S123C V2 Fusion Splicer offers speedy operation for FTTX, LAN, backbone or long-haul installations. The lightweight, durable metal body frame and rubber protection corners provide robust protection, enabling use in challenging locations without compromising splicer performance.

Fitel S153A V2 Fusion Splicers

OFS Fitel S153A V2 Fusion Splicer

The Fitel S153A V2 falls between a fixed V-groove splicer and a full core alignment machine. The s153A V2 has an active 3 Axis alignment system which delivers low loss splices whilst eliminating errors found in fixed V-groove machines.

Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicers

OFS Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicer

The Fitel S178 V2 is a hand-held Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer. By combining speed, precision, durability and portability in one unit, the S178 V2 Fusion Splicer ushers in an entirely new range of applications for core alignment splicing.

Fitel S179 Fusion Splicer 

Fitel S179 Fusion Splicer

This new Fitel S179 splicer combines speed, precision, durability, portability and state-of-the-art communication methods in one unit, opening the door to an entirely new range of applications. Completely suitable for use with all Metro, LAN, FTTx and ultra-bend insensitive fibers.

Fitel Ninja Fusion Splicers

OFS Fitel Ninja Fusion Splicer

The FITEL NINJA NJ001-3 Hand-held, Single Fiber Fusion Splicer delivers fast and reliable fiber splicing under even harsh environmental conditions. Combining portability and ease of use in a ruggedized body, the NJ001 offers powerful splicing performance with the durability needed for use in the field.

Fitel Refurbished & Demo Fusion Splicers

OFS Fitel S178A Kit Fusion Splicer Refurb

Our refurbished Fitel fusion splicers are fully tested and calibrated prior to shipping. For a current list of our refurbished Fitel fusion splicers please call 877-287-7535 or email

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