About FiberOptic Resale Corp (FORC)

FiberOptic Resale Corporation manufactures, distributes and provides full service for all your fiber optic test equipment product requirements.

Our company mission statement is a reflection of our core values:
Provide the highest quality products, service, and business ethics to our customers and partners. Helping the world communicate more efficiently through fiber optic technology is our mantra.

FiberOptic Resale Corp—has been the top USA Channel distributor for INNO Instrument fusion splicers since 2012. We are authorized USA Channel partners for Fitel/OFS, EXFO, Yokogawa America, and (ODM) Optical Design Manufacturing test equipment. Our fiber optic consumables and tools include products from Polywater and Jonard, as well as electrodes, cleaver blades, splice protection sleeves and more, all offered on our web site and available for purchase online.

FORC offers refurbished fiber optic equipment that's USA channel sourced only. We pride ourselves with supplying the highest quality refurbished equipment to meet any budget. All equipment comes fully tested and calibrated to comply with industry standards and includes our standard warranty. Our sales staff and engineers are constantly product trained and will assist you choose the instrument that's right for any job.

Our in-house lab offers professional cleaning calibration/verification and repair services of fiber optic fusion splicers and OTDRs. We offer services in three locations across the USA for our clients. For more information on any of the products offered by FiberOptic Resale Corp please email sales@fiberopticresale.com

EasySplicer FORC EZ7—the first of its kind handheld portable V-Groove fusion splicer kit made for the FTTH installer, fiber installers, electrical contractors, training schools and more. FORC EZ7 fusion splicer manufactured by FiberOptic Resale Corporation is one of the most affordable splicers and with only three buttons it's one of the easiest splicers to operate in the world. The EZ7 splicer had great reviews by the FOA (Fiber Optic Association of America).

FORC Fiber Optics —products are our own brand of OEM fiber optic test equipment and include: OTDRs, power meters, light sources, laser sources, fiber identifiers and PON meters. Our test equipment products are high quality, cost effective and serviced by FORC Fiber Optics. Consumable's and Tools include: patch cords, pig tails, adapters, ferrule mate cleaners, and cable management products