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View 3 Active Clad-Alignment Fusion Splicer
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View 3, an active clad-alignment splicer with the world’s highest fiber image magnification rate, is the most dependable fusion splicer in the market. View 3’s 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) offers large and clear fiber images to users. By double-tapping the screen, users can Zoom In & Out the image to the world’s highest magnification of 520x. Moreover, the 3 LED lights provide bright splice condition to the users working under dark environments. View 3 is the standard of active clad-alignment splicer in the telecommunications industry.

View 3 Fusion Splicer Kit Includes
  • Fusion Splicer View 3
  • High Precision Cleaver V7
  • Fiber Holder VFH-40(equipped) / FH-SOC
  • SOC Heater Cover HT-SOC
  • AC Adapter JS-180300
  • Cooling Tray CG-23
  • Electrode E-50
  • Electrode Grinder EG-18
  • Battery Pack LBT-50
  • Power Cable ACC-25
  • USB Cable USB-5P
  • Cigarette Lighter Cable CJ-11
  • Carrying Case NBX-3

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NNO View 3 Fusion Splicer

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Introducing The New INNO View PRO Splicers With a Cloud Based Operation & Management System

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INNO View 12R PRO Fusion Splicer

INNO View PRO fusion splicers are equipped with a built-in IoT module that connects to INNO's View Pro Cloud Management System for real-time operation and management online. This innovative cloud-based solution is designed to create the most advanced and yet most uncomplicated splicing and work experience.

View PRO Management System

View PRO Management System is an integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s splicers. This innovative web-based application allows both technicians and managers of the splicers to maximize the use of its assets and to achieve the highest work efficiency. Real-time communications with tiered access rights and options to manage job orders, manage splicing machines, and send/receive reports are only a small part of the innovative work processes offered by the View Pro.