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Jonard MDC-14 - Micro Duct Tube Cutter


Jonard MDC-14 Buy Now $12.90


Jonard MDC-64 - Large Fiber Duct Cutter


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Fusion Splicer Repair & Calibration Services

Micro Duct Tubing Cutter Up To 14MM

Cuts micro ducts and other types of tubing made from PVC, Nylon, Polyethylene and other materials quickly and with less effort so cuts are clean and straight. Maximum duct diameter 14mm (9/16”). Tool is made from Polypropylene with TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) grips for comfort. Blade is made from heat treated stainless steel for longer life.


Overall Length 4.5" (114.3mm)
Maximum Duct Diameter 9/16" (14.28mm)
Weight 0.115 lbs (52.16g)
UPC No. 811490019249

Micro Duct Tubing Cutter Up To 64MM

The MDC-64 Is a large Fiber Duct tube cutter designed to cut Fiber Ducts (up to 64mm/2.52" in diameter), PVC, CPVC, PE, HDPE, PEX and other nonmetallic tubing. This ratcheting cutter provides high leverage to facilitate cutting with minimal effort. Comfortable one hand operation and easy open release.

Provides square and straight cuts with no mess when compared to other saw type pipe cutters. The Triangular blade shape helps to hold the tubing as well as helps to reduce cutting force.

Tool body is Die Cast Aluminum alloy and cutting blade is made from Stainless Steel for long life.

Safety latch at bottom of handle keeps handles together to prevent tool from opening and exposing the cutting blade.


Overall Length 9.5" (241.3 mm)
Weight 1.23 lbs (0.55 kg)
UPC No. 811490019324
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At FiberOptic Resale we offer cleaning / calibration and repair services for fusion splicers and cleavers keeping them operating like new. We have on-site technicians that have the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair older splicers as well as the newer more difficult to troubleshoot fusion splicers. We pride ourselves in being customer focused to deliver prompt and responsive service.

Fusion Splicers We Service Include:

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