Free YOKOGAWA Mainframe – Sorry This Special Is No Longer Available

FREE AQ7280 Mainframe. Call 877-287-7535 to learn more.

9 OTDR units ranging from single mode to multi mode, from low dynamic range to ultra-high dynamic range, and 2 wavelengths to 4 wavelengths. Additional non-standard accessories, & options sold separately

The first 100 customers purchasing any of our nine OTDR units will receive a free multi-tasking touchscreen OTDR mainframe.

All Yokogawa OTDRs Have a 3 Year Factory Warranty.

Please note, pricing on our Yokogawa OTDRs are only applicable to shipment and billing for North American customers.

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YOKOGAWA AQ7280 Model Diagram

Yokogawa AQ7282A Model

Yokogawa AQ7282A
1310/1550nm, 38/36dB

Yokogawa AQ7282M Model

Yokogawa AQ7282M
850/1300nm, 25/27dB

Yokogawa AQ7283A Model

Yokogawa AQ7283A
1310/1550nm, 42/40dB

Yokogawa AQ7283H Model

Yokogawa AQ7283H

Yokogawa AQ7284A Model

Yokogawa AQ7284A
1310/1550nm, 46/45dB

Yokogawa AQ7283F Model

Yokogawa AQ7283F
1310/1550/1650nm (Filtered), 42/40/40dB

Yokogawa AQ7284H Model

Yokogawa AQ7284H
1310/1550/1625nm, 46/45/44dB

Yokogawa AQ7283K Model

Yokogawa AQ7283K

Yokogawa AQ7285A Model

Yokogawa AQ7285A
1310/1550nm, 50/50dB

Yokogawa OTDR AQ7280 Screen

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