View 12R Ribbon Splicer & FORC-EZ7 Splicer Package

With This Splicer Combo You'll Never Have to Leave a Job Unfinished!

Buy Both Only $11,990 - You Save Over $1300!

View 12R Splicer and Easysplicer

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For a limited time we're offering the View 12R Ribbon Splicer and FORC-EZ7 hand-held V-groove Clad-alignment splicer together in this money saving package.

View 12R ribbon splicer with a fully motorized clamp alignment system, is the most powerful and state-of-the-art ribbon splicer on the market. The EasySplicer FORC-EZ7 is a great backup splicer that works just as hard as the View 5. The FORC-EZ7 is a handheld V-groove, clad-alignment splicer with only 3 buttons and its single button operation makes it the easiest to use splicer on the market; yet it's tough enough to get the job done.

EasySplicer - FOA Newsletter May 2016 pdf small

Read What the FOA Has to Say About the New EasySplicer

"We found the EasySplicer lived up to its name - it made splicing easy"

The EZ7 EasySplicer Kit Contents Include:

  • EasySplicer - EZ7
  • Fiber Cleaver - C7
  • AC Adapter
  • Hand Stripper
  • (2) 250um Fiber Holders / (2) 900um Fiber Holders
  • DC Car Adapter
  • Soft Carry Case
  • CD Manual

EZ7 EasySplicer is Small in Size But Big in Value.

EasySplicer FORC-EZ7 OEM Fusion Splicer Specspdf small

EasySplicer Fusion Splicer Kit

View 12R Ribbon Splicer

INNO View 12R Fuison Splicer Kit Contents:

  • Fusion Splicer - View 12R Fiber ribbon splicer
  • High Precision Cleaver - V7
  • Thermal Stripper - TS-8
  • Fiber holders:
  • 12 Ribbon: FH-12L / FH-12R
  • 8 Ribbon: FH-8L / FH-8R
  • 4 Ribbon: FH-4L / FH-4R
  • 250 & 900ìm Single: FH-UL / FH-UR (Universal)
  • SOC Holder: FH-SOC-R
  • SOC Heater Cover - HTS-SOC
  • AC Adapter - JS-180300
  • Cooling Tray - CG-22
  • Electrode - E-50
  • Electrode Grinder - EG-18
  • And so much more...

The View 12R Comes With a 3 Year Warranty

The View 12R Ribbon Splicer Specifications PDF


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