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Copper & Tier 1 Fiber Certification

Viavi copper and Tier 1 fiber certification solutions lead the industry by providing identical local and remote units that give users full control of their tests. In fact, Viavi’s Tier 1 fiber certification solution was the first tool on the market to provide this control.

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Part # NGC-500-6A-NA | Buy Now $7,495


The cost-effective copper certification handheld for enterprise networks.
Viavi Certifier10G Tester

Certifier10G Description

The Viavi Certifier10G equips technicians with all the capabilities they need to certify copper networks quickly, completely, and correctly for all current and future cabling standards for the new enterprise.

To test and certify copper up to Category 6A, the Certifier10G is the cost-effective solution. Without support for fiber or Class FA, the Certifier10G is an entry-level copper certifier with the same benefits as Certifier40G.​

Drive User Efficiency
  • Gain complete test visibility at both local and remote ends
  • Pre-configured with all leading manufacturer’s cabling specifications
Key Benefits
  • Achieve complete network certification with one device
  • Optimize productivity with the industry’s fastest test workflow
  • Obtain comprehensive results for the latest TIA-568 and ISO 11801 requirements
  • View test set up and results data and edit labels at both local and remote ends
  • Complete TIA 568/ISO 11801 copper certification
  • TIA-942-A data center certification
  • Permanent link and channel adapters for certifying to TIA category 5e/6/6A
  • Integrated, standards-based certification labeling and reporting

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