Thermal Strippers

Fiber Optic Thermal Strippers

We offer thermal strippers from Sumitomo, INNO Instrument, Fitel and Jonard Industries. These easy-to-use thermal strippers ares designed to thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical fibers. Choose from an adjustable blade or fixed blade stripper.

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INNO Thermal Strippers for up to 12 fibers
TS-8+ is INNO Instrument's newly developed hand-held type thermal stripper installed with a heater to strip the jacket of ribbon cable up to 12 fibers.
Sumitomo JR-6 Thermal Jacket Stripper For Single and Ribbon Fibers
Sumitomo Electric introduces the industry’s first hot jacket remover with IPX1 waterproof protection.

Fitel Thermal Strippers for single to 12-fiber ribbons
High Strength Thermal strippers for 250um and 900um coating fiber, as well as flat and rollable ribbon

Jonard Thermal Strippers

Jonard Tools TSAB40 Adjustable Blade Stripper

Thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical fibers. We offer both fixed blade & adjustable blade models.


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