Thermal Strippers

Fiber Optic Thermal Strippers

We offer thermal strippers from INNO Instrument, Jonard Industries and our own OEM FORC Fiber. These easy-to-use thermal strippers ares designed to thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical fibers. Choose from an adjustable blade or fixed blade stripper.

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INNO Thermal Strippers

INNO TS-8+ Buy Now Only $685

TS-8+ is INNO Instrument's newly developed hand-held type thermal stripper installed with a heater to strip the jacket of ribbon cable up to 12 fibers. With this unmatched device, extreme convenience for use in the FTTx field and under tough environment is ensured.

INNO TS8 Thermal Stripper Open
INNO TS8 Thermal Stripper

  • Dedicated stripper for ribbon fiber cable
  • Hand-held type stripper
  • World's fastest heating time of 4 sec
  • Long lasting battery: Approx. 500 times with a fully charged battery
  • Simple operation

TS-8+ is developed as a dedicated stripper mainly for ribbon cable with thermal heater. With its simple and fast operation, anyone can do clear stripping with near-zero failure. It is a very stable tool with lightweight material and compact design. With easy hand operation, it provides long lasting battery capacity: approximately 500 times of ribbon fiber cable stripping.

Package includes:
  • TS-8+ Thermal Stripper
  • LBT-8 Internal Battery
  • AR-8 Power Adapter

FORC FTS-12 Thermal Stripper

FORC FTS-12 Buy Now Only $685

The newly designed FTS-12 Ribbon fiber stripper is small, light weight, durable and east to use. Manufactured with high grade lightweight steel, a straight line bearing guide that allows easier, faster and more efficient fiber stripping experience for the technician.

FTS-12 Thermal Stripper FORC OEM

FTS-12 Thermal Strippers Parameter

Model - FTS-12 | Fiber materials - Quartz glass
Coating materials - UV sclerotic resin
Cores of the fiber and thickness of the coating layer
Single-core fiber
Fiber coating layer: 0.25-0.4mm
Ribbon fiber with 2 to 12 cores.
Ribbon fiber thickness: 0.3-0.4mm
Fiber diameter - 125µm | Stripped coating length - 30mm Max
Heating Time
Normal mode Approx 3 Seconds
Power save mode Approx 5-6 Seconds
Temperature settings
Normal mode: 75c, c,90c,105c, 120c/ Power Save mode: 65c, 80c, 95c, 110c
Applicable Fiber Type
Ribbon Fiber holders: FH-2;FH-4;FH-6;FH-8; FH-10;FH-12; Single Fiber holders: FH-250;FH-900
Power supply
Battery drive
AC drive : 100-240V, 50/60Hz
DC 12V power supply from the fusion splicer
Dimensions - 138(W)X35(D)X34(H)mm
Battery Capacity
Approx. 880 stripping 12 ribbon fiber with fully charged battery
Environment conditions
Temperature: -10°C-+50°C Humidity: 0%--95%

Jonard Thermal Strippers

Thermo-mechanically remove coatings from optical fibers. We offer both fixed blade & adjustable blade models.

Jonard Tools TSAB40 Adjustable Blade Stripper

  • Compact, low-maintenance bench top design.
  • Adjustable Blade version supports cladding diameters from 30µm to 1000µm with buffer diameters up to 1200µm.
  • Adjustable temperature and time settings to accommodate different fiber coatings .
Jonard TSFB-125 Thermal Stripper Fixed Blade

Our TSFB-125 Fixed Blade Thermal Stripper supports standard 125µm optical fibers, including 250µm, 400µm, and 900µm coated fibers. Adjustable temperature and time settings allow it to adapt to stripping a variety of different coatings. The precision, self-centering blade design produces high strength stripping performance unmatched by previous flat blade strippers.

  • Compact, low-maintenance bench top design.
  • Fixed Blade version supports standard 125µm acrylate coated fiber with buffer diameters up to 900µm.
  • Adjustable temperature and time settings to accommodate different fiber coatings.
Jonard TSAB-40 Adjustable Thermal Stripper

Our TSAB-40 Adjustable Thermal Stripper supports optical fibers with cladding diameters from 40µm to 1000µm, with buffer diameters up to 1200µm. This includes standard 250µm, 400µm, and 900µm coated fibers. Adjustable temperature and time settings allow it to adapt to stripping a variety of different acrylate coatings and cladding sizes.

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