Sumitomo JR-6 Thermal Jacket Stripper

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JR-6 Hot Jacket Stripper For Single and Ribbon Fibers $1100

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Sumitomo JR-6 Hot Jacket Stripper

Sumitomo JR-6 Thermal Jacket Stripper

Sumitomo Electric introduces the industry’s first hot jacket remover with IPX1 waterproof protection. With both shock-resistant and waterproof features, the JR-6 is designed for optimum performance for easy fiber coating removal in harsh work environments.

This lightweight and compact, yet rugged, jacket remover also features 4 temperature settings for maximum performance control. Designed for user friendliness, the JR-6 includes a console panel located on top of the remover for ease of operation, bright LED lighting for easier viewing of remover settings, and power save and auto power off functions. The JR-6 can be powered by the fusion splicer’s 12V DC output, the AC/DC adapter included, or the internal rechargeable battery.

The remover features an ergonomic design for improved maneuverability, thereby eliminating hand fatigue. The required stripping force has been reduced 30% compared to other conventional stripper tools — making the JR-6 the industry’s most advanced, rugged, and user-friendly optical fiber jacket remover.

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JR-6 Thermal Jacket Stripper Features

  • Industry’s First Hot Jacket Remover with IPX1 (Waterproof Protection; Class1) as Defined by JIS C0920
  • Easy Fiber Coating Removal
  • Lightweight, Shock Resistant, Portable, Rugged Design
  • Fast Temperature Stabilization to Reduce Warm-Up Time
  • 2-12 Fiber Ribbons or Single Fiber Stripping
  • 3-Way Power Supply (Battery, AC/DC, and Fusion Splicer’s 12V DC Output)
  • Compact Handheld Design
  • Field Replaceable Blades
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Internally Charges the Battery While Externally Powered
  • RoHS Compliant
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