Sumitomo FC-7 Cleaver

The Sumitomo FC-7 cleaver is ideal for use in fusion splicing, field termination, or any other precision application.

It has a simple cleaving operation that can be performed in the palm of the hand, which allows the user to take the cleaver to fiber in limited slack applications. Single-hand, single-action operation. To cut an optical fiber, just hold the cleaver lightly with one hand. Suitable for mechanical-splice, field-assembly connectors,and fusion splicing.

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Sumitomo FC7 Cleaver

Sumitomo FC-7 Cleaver Features
  • Features fully automatic operations from cleaving to off-cut collection. The cover on the off-cut collection box is always closed except when fibers are cut, freeing the operators from worrying about spilling of off-cuts
  • About 300g in weight (40% mass reduction from our previous equivalent models)
  • Palm-size compact body (98mm X 58mm X 47mm) improves work efficiency at any location
  • 2 cleave length available for applications (10mm without adding a spacer)
  • To store, close and lock the cover. It is a space-saving cleaver
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • For single fiber use only.

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