Sumitomo Cleavers

Sumitomo manufactures Fiber Cleavers and tools for any environment. Sumitomo cleavers include high precision hand-held cleavers, angled cleavers, one-step cleavers, and automatic blade rotation cleavers.

We offer Sumitomo replacement cleaver blades at discount pricing. Volume discounts are available. Please call 877-287-7535 for more information.

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Sumitomo FC-8R Fiber Optic Cleaver

Sumitomo Electric FC-8S Cleaver

The FC-7 is ideal for use in fusion splicing, field termination, or any other precision application

Sumitomo FC-6RM-C Fiber Optic Cleaver
Sumitomo FC-6RM Fiber Cleaver

FC-6RM-C Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver with Scrap Collector

Sumitomo FC-6RS Fiber Optic Cleaver
Sumitomo FC-6RS Fiber Cleaver

FC-6RS Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver

Sumitomo FC-6S Fiber Optic Cleaver

Sumitomo FC-6S Fiber Cleaver

FC-6S High Precision Single Fiber Cleaver

Sumitomo FC-SE-AFC-08 Fiber Optic Cleaver
Sumitomo SE-AFC-08 Angled Optical Fiber Cleaver

FC-SE-AFC-08 One-Step Angled Optical Fiber Cleaver

Sumitomo JR-6 Thermal Jacket Remover
Sumitomo JR-6 Thermal Jacket Remover for Single & Ribbon Fiber

JR-6 Thermal Jacket Remover, for Single Fiber and Ribbon


Sumitomo Quantum Type-Q101-CA Fusion Splicer Front Side View


We Also Offer Sumitomo Quantum Fusion Splicers

Type-Q101-CA-KIT-1 Splicer Kit with Accessories

Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2 Splicer Kit with Accessories and FC-6S-C Cleaver

Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2R Splicer Kit with Accessories and FC-7R Precision Cleaver

Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2RFH Splicer Kit with Accessories, FC-7R Precision Cleaver & Fiber Holders (250, 900um & LB5)

Type-Q101-CA-KIT-6RSC Splicer Kit with Accessories and FC-6RS-C Precision Cleaver

Type-Q101-CA-KIT-6RSCFH Splicer Kit with Accessories, FC-6RS-C Precision Cleaver and Fiber Holders (250, 900um & LB5)

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