Corning RocketRibbon Cable Fiber Holders

FiberOptic Resale Corporation-is Proud To Introduce The First All In One 200um Solution

FORC Fiber Optic Holders are an agnostic 200um fiber solution
for fiber contractors and Tier 1 and Hyperscale data centers.

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Corning’s newest Extreme Density cable “Rocket Ribbon” rapid installation fiber was made to meet today’s demand for highest bandwidth capacity in a duct installation. Rocket Ribbon provides industry leading density providing twice the fiber count in approximately the same footprint of existing central tube and stranded ribbon tube design cables. Especially suited for 5G data centers.

Corning RocketRibbon™ extreme-density cable allows easier and faster fiber identification and routing

FORC 200um Solution Fiber Holder Features
  • 30-36% smaller
  • 30% faster installation
  • No Need to separate fibers to splice
  • Simple patent Pending fiber holders to splice
  • Holders for all major Fusion Splicing manufacturers
  • 200u-200u/200u-250u

RocketRibbon™ Specifications (pdf):
Extreme Density Cable 3456 F, SMF-28® Ultra fiber, Single-mode (OS2)
Extreme Density Cable 1728 F, SMF-28® Ultra fiber, Single-mode (OS2)

Ordering information: Corning RocketRibbon™Cable Fiber Holders

F12-C200: 200um holders INNO/FORC Fusion Splicers - $450.00
F12-C200 Fiber Holders
70R-C200: 200um holders Fujikura FSM-70R Fusion Splicer - $450.00
Corning RocketRibbon 70R-200 Fiber Holders
M12-C200: 200um holders for Sumitomo Q101M12 Fusion Splicer - $450.00
FORC-F12-C200: FORC Fiber Ribbon splicer Kit w/ 200um holders standard in kit $10,200

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