Mississauga Training Consultants Demonstrate FORC Fiber Fusion Splicers


ComTech Show East, Mississauga, ON was held April 2018.  Canada’s premiere Information Communication Technology (ICT) show offered an exhibitor forum of 80+ vendors, distributors and industry associations over two days. In attendance was Mississauga Training Consultants who demonstrated FORC Fiber OEM fusion splicers.

FORC Fiber LogoFORC Fiber OEM splicers include the FORC F15, F12R and the F1, designed for both FTTH and Outside Plant use.

These splicers use a profile alignment technique and extremely accurate alignment process to ensure precise splice loss estimation. A new shrinking technology greatly reduces shrink times, the results are extremely fast total cycle times. All FORC Fiber splicers are lightweight and rugged with an ergonomic compact design allowing users to easily carry or move. LED lights, an LCD screen, a menu-driven user interface with dynamic function buttons, and a fully automatic splice process make this these splicers easy to use. All FORC Fiber splicers have a 3 year manufacture warranty.

mtc-logoMississauga Training Consultants is a leader in industrial skills training that includes certification for fiber optic installers, network cabling systems inspection and many other industry specific courses for the electrical and communications industry. Instructors are skilled in their trade and fully qualified as certified Fiber Optic Specialists.


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