LIGHTEL CI-1100 Connector Inspector

Fiber Optic Portable Video Microscopes by LIGHTEL
Available In LCD or USB2.0 Versions

Lightel LogoLIGHTEL's CI-1100 fiber optic connector inspector microscopes are available with a fold-up LCD monitor and a USB adapter for display and capture of images on your PC is also available. Free ConnectorView image capture software comes with each USB device.

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LIGHTEL CI-1100 Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast, easy focus
  • One hand operation
  • Inspect patchcords (male) and in-adapter connectors (female)
  • Foldable monitor set with adjustable viewing angle
  • Portable set with a charger and rechargeable batteries
  • Change tips in seconds
  • Comprehensive line of tips for both PC and APC type connectors, including extended tips in three lengths, 60° and 90° angled tips for applications with tight access, and tips for ribbon connectors
  • Uses our Series 2 inspection tips, and can also use all our CI-1000 tips with an optional adapter
  • USB option
  • "Hot" fiber viewing option
  • CE approved, RoHS compliant


LIGHTEL CI-1100 Specifications

Field of View
Focus Manual adjustment
Light source
LCD monitor
Power supply
Battery life
Charger/AC adapter
Operating temperature
Storage temperature

400x (w/ 9" monitor) (Lower magnification optional)
~ 425µm x 320µm (standard) ~ 640µm x 480µm (lower magnification option)
0.5µm detectable
2mm max travel
Blue LED
35mm (Ø) x 175mm (L) (without cap)
3.5" TFT-LCD; Adjustable brightness and contrast
105mm x 90mm x 45mm (when closed)
255g (without battery)
9.6V battery pack or AC power supply
4 hours
US, EU, UK and Australian versions available
0°C to 50°C
-20°C to 70°C

Ligthel CI-1000 Inspection Probe Kit


LIGHTEL CI-1100 LCD Version

Monitor set: 105mm x 90mm x 45mm (when closed)
LCD Monitor: 3.5" TFT-LCD; Brightness / Contrast adjustable
Power Supply: 9.6V battery packs (last min. 4 hours) with charger, or AC adapter

CI-1000-A2 Package Contents

1 Handset probe (CI-1000)
1 LCD monitor set
1 Rechargable battery pack (inside the LCD monitor unit)
1 Tip body for female FC/PC & SC/PC connectors
1 FC tip guide
1 SC tip guide
1 Tip for female LC/PC connectors
1 AC power adaptor / battery charger
1 Carrying case

LIGHTEL CI-1100 USB2.0 Version

USB2.0 Video Capture Device: USB2.0 port, single snap shot, with software for Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista / Windows 7 operation
Power Supply: USB port of PC

CI-1000-B2 Package Contents

1 Handset probe (CI-1000)
1 USB2.0 video capture device, with ConnectorViewTM (standard) Software CD
1 Tip body for female FC/PC & SC/PC connectors
1 FC tip guide
1 SC tip guide
1 Tip for female LC/PC connectors
1 Carrying case

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