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Inspection & test kits from ODM, LIGHTEL and Divot. Utilize portable video microscopes, bare fiber testers, connector inspectors and more. Choose from a variety of connector cleaning solutions to create the exact cleaning and inspection kit you need for any job.

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V20 Fiber Mircoscope

V20 Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope 200X 360X

The V20 Fiber Inspection Microscope is used to check that the fiber end-face is clean. With the ability to display a clear image and the double amplification function, the V20 is able to analyze the cleanliness of the fiber end-face.

Buy Now Only $812.00

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Divot Bare Fiber Adapter Kits

Divot® Bare Fiber Adapter/Test Kits

Testing bare fiber just got a lot easier and faster. The Divot® Bare Fiber Adapter (Tester) accepts cleaved and non-cleaved fiber, requires only 3/4” of bare fiber exposed and has a typical insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB when using cleaved fiber. No messy gel applicators or reservoirs to fill. Simply strip your fiber and insert.

Bare Fiber Tester Models Starting a $325
Bare Fiber Tester Kits Starting at $588

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ODM Inspection Equipment

ODM Video Inspection Probe and Monitor Test Kits

The VIS 300 and 400 advances field connector inspection by a unique focus system, which virtually eliminates the need to place the user's hand in the same position each time for effective focus control.

ODM VIS 300C – Our Price $1995
ODM VIS 300 – Our Price $750
ODM VIS 400 HDP – Our Price $1,595
ODM Inspection Probe

ODM Optical Test, Inspection & Cleaning Kits

ODM provides test technicians and contractors with high-end hardware and software to guarantee industry standard compliance in fiber optic-based telecommunications. The ODM's test, inspection & cleaning kits contain all equipment necessary to inspect, clean, and test fiber optic cables, while ODM’s proprietary software allows for professional closeout reporting.

ODM – TTK 500 | ODM – TTK 650 | ODM – TTK 720


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ViewConn Inspection Equipment

ViewConn by LIGHTEL

Fiber Optic Connector End Face Inspection and Cleaning Equipment. LIGHTEL offers a variety of connector cleaning products to help you complete your own cleaning and inspection kit.

VC-6200 – $2959
LIGHTEL Connector Inspector video microscopes

Connector Inspector products portable video microscopes

LIGHTEL Connector Inspector video microscopes feature a hand-held probe which enables inspection of both patchcords and difficult to reach in-adapter connectors.
CI-1100 – $995

Lightel D1-100 Inspection Equipment

Digital Inspector

The LIGHTEL DI-1000 inspects fiber optic connector end faces, providing clear sharp digital images on your Windows® PC. It can be used with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 on either 32-bit or 64-bit computers. No batteries or power cables are necessary.

DI-1000 – $850

Lightel Software & Tips
Software, Tips, and Accessories

Lightel offers a variety of products to keep your Lightel video microscope a vital tool as your inspection needs grow or change. With more than 140 inspection tips, Pass / Fail analytical software, integratable power meters and more, Lightel is an industry leader in providing innovative, expandable solutions.

ConnectorView Software – Starting at $250
Tips – Starting at $30
Lightel offers a variety of quality fiber optic cleaning products to complete your own custom Inspection and Cleaning kit. Contact us 877-287-7535 for assistance and recommendations.
10 pack CC-1 Cleaning Cassettes
2.5mm IBC™ brand cleaner
2.0mm IBC™ brand cleaner (for SMPTE 304 and termini)
1.25mm IBC™ brand cleaner
5 pack Chemtronics Electro-Wash® solvent pens
Ferrule Mate™
2.5mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
10 pack 2.5mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
1.25mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
10 pack 1.25mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
Ferrule Mate™
2.5mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
10 pack 2.5mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
1.25mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
10 pack 1.25mm Ferrule Mate cleaning tool
Spray can of cleaning solvent
2.5mm cleaning swabs (50 pk)
1.25mm cleaning swabs (50 pk)
1.6mm cleaning swabs (50 pk)
Mini-tub of lint free wipes (90 sheets)

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