INNO V20 Fiber Optic Microscope

V20 Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope 200X 360X

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The V20 Fiber Inspection Microscope is used to check that the fiber end-face is clean. With the ability to display a clear image and the double amplification function, the V20 is able to analyze the cleanliness of the fiber end-face.

V20 Fiber Microscope Features
  • Detecting fiber connection
  • Centering the image
  • Image magnification
  • Adjust the focus
  • Analyze data to judge whether passed of failed
  • Testing report
  • Connection: USB
INNO V20 Package Includes V20, Carry Case and the Following Tips:
  • 1.25mm Tip
  • 1.25mm Angled Tip
  • 2.5mm Tip
  • 2.5mm Angled Tip
Size and Weight
Size: 34H x 150W x 35D mm
Weight : 0.37 pounds (168 grams)

INNO V20 Fiber Optic Microscope Size


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V20 Fiber Mircoscope

INNO V20 Fiber Optic Microscope Specs


INNO V20 Fiber Microscope Specifications

Resolution 3.2μm
Image sensor 640 x 480 (VGA)
Visual test < 5μm
View angle 200μm*200μm of high magnification / 360μm*360μm of low magnification
Light source Blue LED
luminance technique Coaxial light source
Digital zoom 3 grades
Connector USB 2.0
Operating / Storage temperature -10°C to 50°C / -40°C to 70°C
Patchcord Tip Adapters 2.5mm (UPC, APC), 1.25mm (UPC, APC)


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