INNO Instrument Cleavers

INNO Instrument offers a high quality fiber optic cleavers for the their View line of fusion splicers including the View 3, View 5, View 7 and View 12R ribbon splicer. Both INNO Instrument V7 & V8 fiber optic cleavers are light weight, high precision cleavers that can be installed with a variety of holders for ribbon cable up to 12 fibers as well as a universal holder which is applicable to 250μm, 900μm, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable. Cutting blades provide over 48,000 cleaves. The V7 & V8 come with or without the auto collector.

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FiberOptic Resale has been named top US Distributor for sales & service by INNO Instrument 5 years in a row.


Our dedicated team work closely with INNO Instrument America to offer our clients the absolute best in fusion splicer technology at a realistic price. Reasonable pricing does not mean less quality. The View Series fusion splicers offered by INNO Instrument compete with the higher priced splicers on the market.


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