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Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer

Used Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer Kit $4,999!

Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer Kit Includes:
Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer, FCP-22L Cleaver, Blue Transit case, 2 cooling trays and Paper manual. Stock rotates quickly and contents of kits vary depending on availability. For more information call 877-287-7535 today!

Purchase a Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer Kit and receive a free cleaning.

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We service fusion splicers, OTDRs & fusion splicer cleavers. Certified tech's. For more information please call 877-287-7535

Free Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer Cleaning

Purchase a New Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer from FiberOptic Resale Corp and receive one free cleaning. Cleaning must be done within the first year of purchase for a new splicer and within 6 months for a used or refurbished splicer. Customer pays shipping. Please call 877-287-7535 for more information.

Sumitomo type-36 Fusion Splicer

We also carry other Sumitomo fusion splicers, as well as fusion splicers from Fitel and Ericsson.

Sumitomo Type-36 Fusion Splicer Features

¤ 25-second Average Splicing Cycle Time
¤ Portable, Fully Automatic Splicing With Loss Estimation
¤ The Dual Microscope, Mirror-Free Fiber Observation System Speeds Up Cycle Time and Increases Optical and Mechanical Reliability
¤ Simple Clamping Fiber Chucks Hold Up to 900 Micron Fiber
¤ Splicer Remote Interactive Maintenance (S-RIM), Allows Software Upgrades and Machine Diagnostics via High-Speed Modem Reducing Downtime
¤ Largest (280x) Image Magnification Available
¤ FiberOptic Resale Corp Warranty

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