Fusion Splicers

New & Refurbished Fusion Splicers

We offer a variety of new & refurbished fusion splicers. We're an Authorized Distributor for both INNO Instrument, OFS Fitel and an Authorized re-seller for Sumitomo. Our OEM FORC Fiber are the newest line of fusion splicers on the market.Contact FiberOptic Resale Corp

New fusion splicers include core-alignment fusion splicers, ribbon fusion splicers & clad alignment fusion splicers. Models include the INNO View series fusion splicers, Sumitomo Quantum series fusion splicers, Fitel S178A-V2, S153A-V2 and S123C-V2 series splicers, and our FORC OEM splicers.

Refurbished fusion splicers from AFL Fujikura, Sumitomo, and other top manufacturers are all shipped fully tested & calibrated in our in-house lab.

We Sell Only US Channel Fusion Splicers

All of our refurbished fusion splicers are subject to availability. Please call 877-287-7535 or email sales@fiberopticresale.com for a complete list of refurbished fusion splicers.

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INNO Fusion Splicers


View 5 Fusion Splicers

View 1 Fusion Splicer
Active Clad-alignment Splicer
View 3 Fusion Splicer
Active V-groove Clad Alignment Method
View 5 Fusion Splicer
ARC Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
View 7 Fusion Splicer
Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
View 12R Ribbon Splicer

Ribbon Splicer

Sumitomo Fusion Splicers

Sumitomo Quantum Type-Q102-CA-3 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
Sumitomo Quantum Fusion Splicers
Refurbished Sumitomo fusion splicers are subject to availability.


Refurbished Fusion Splicers

Fujikura Fusion Splicers

Our refurbished fusion splicer stock rotates quickly, please call 877-287-7535 to check availability.

Fusion Splicer Repair Services

Models include;
Fujikura, INNO Instrument, Sumitomo, Fitel, Corning & more. We only service U.S. Model Fusion Splicers & Cleavers.

Fusion Splicer Trade In

Fusion Splicer Trade-in Programs

Need a new fusion splicer.
Trade-in your old splicer and we'll put the cost towards a new fusion splicer.

In addition to our traditional fusion splicer rental programs we provide fusion splicer Trade-in Programs. Our trade-in programs are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Please call 877-287-7535 for more information.

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