Fujikura FSM-70R Ribbon Splicer

FSM-70R Condition: Refurbished, Fully Tested & Calibrated - US Channel Splicer

Total ARC Count Only 1333 At $11,995 This Splicer Won't Last!

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Fujikura FSM-70R Ribbon Splicer Kit

FSM-70R Ribbon Splicer Kit Contents

  • FSM-70R Ribbon Splicer
  • CT-30 Cleaver w/case
  • RS-02 Heated stripper
  • Battery BTR-09
  • Fiber holder pairs FH-50 12 (2), FH-250 12 (2), FH-900 12 (2)
  • AC Adapter ADC-18
  • Battery charging cable DCC-18
  • AC power cord
  • Cooling Tray
  • Scissors Red, Black
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Manual - CD
  • Transit Case


Fujikura FSM-70R Screen



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The 70R fusion splicer has been specifically designed to be more ergonomic, faster and have greater durability than the 60R. The rugged construction design adds improved reliability by resisting shock, rain and dust, allowing it to withstand a 30 inch drop test. Two of the newest features include an automated wind protector and a tube heater which has been developed for quicker ribbon splicing cycles and to reduce the number of operational steps. The unit also includes a high-resolution LCD monitor, powerful Li-ion battery for longer operation time and built in videos for on-the-go training.



We make every effort to keep our website up to date. However, refurbished splicers move quickly, please call 877-287-7535 to check availability. 

Fujikura Fusion Splicers


Fujikura Fusion Splicers

We sell only AFL Fujikura US model fusion splicers.

Our Fujikura fusion splicer stock rotates quickly, please call 877-287-7535 to check availability.

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