Fujikura FSM-60R Ribbon Splicer

FSM-60R Condition: Refurbished Fully Tested & Calibrated - US Channel Splicer

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FSM-60R Ribbon Splicer

Fujikura FSM-60R Kit sn 2026

Splicer Kit Contents May Include
  • Fujikura FSM-60R Splicer
  • CT-30A Cleaver with case
  • AC Power Cord
  • FH-50-6 fiber holders
  • Fiber Holders FH-50-12, FH-250, FH-900
  • BTR-08 battery pack
  • HJS-02 heated stripper
  • Transit case
  • Cooling tray

The Fujikura Fusion Splicer FSM-60R Ribbon Fusion Splicer offers unmatched versatility and reliability. The FSM-60R ribbon splicer withstands a drop test of up to 30” and continues to splice. Enhanced, robust features enable the FSM-60R to resist shock, dust, and rain so that unfortunate environmental conditions do not negatively impact productivity.

Low ARC This Splicer Won't Last!

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Fujikura FSM-60R screen sn 2026

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Fujikura Fusion Splicers


Fujikura Fusion Splicers

We sell only AFL Fujikura US model fusion splicers.

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