Fujikura 62S+ Fusion Splicer

Condition: Like New - U.S. Channel Splicer - AFL S016279

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Fujikura 62S+ Fusion Splicer

Fujikura 62S+ Fusion Splicer - AFL S016279

The Fujikura 62S+ provides active core alignment splice loss performance while utilizing a conventional wind protector and tube heater design. An alternative to the fully automated core-alignment model 70S+, the 62S+ includes an auto-start feature for both the splicing and tube heating process that minimizes the steps necessary
to process splices. With a shrink time of 23 seconds with standard splice sleeves, the 62S+ ensures a high level of productivity. Incorporating the proven ruggedised features pioneered by Fujikura, durability is greatly enhanced by a mirrorless optical system and "severe impact resistant" monitor. Battery capacity is 200 splices/shrinks.
The transit case doubles as a built-in or mobile workstation and makes splicing easier
than ever.

Fujikura 62S+ Fusion Splicer Kit Contents

  • FSM-62S+ Splicer
  • BTR-09 Battery
  • AC Adapter ADC-13
  • AC Power Cable "M"
  • CT-30 Cleaver
  • Cooling Tray
  • DCC-8 Cable
  • CD Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Shoulder Strap/Transit Case

Fujikura 62S+ Fusion Splicer Features

  • 5,000 splices electrode life
  • 23 second tube heating time with standard sleeves
  • Fully ruggedised for shock, dust and moisture
  • Li-ion battery with 200 splices/shrinks per charge
  • 5 mm cleave length for splice on connector or small package needs
  • Sheath clamp or fibre holder operation
  • Internet software upgrades
  • Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Optional non-wireless model available

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Fujikura Fusion Splicers


Fujikura Fusion Splicers

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