FORC OEM Visual Fault Locators

The design of these visual fault locators make the easy to use. They are small in size, easy to operate, portable and integrated with a launching indicator. Used to inspect the damaged or broken points of optical fibers, cables, patchcords and more. The FORC VLS-1 series visual lasers are suitable for both single mode and multiple mode fibers. The performance of the visual source will act a little different on different fiber coat and color.

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FORC Fiber Optics VFL

FORC VLS-1 Series Features

  • Small, portable and durable
  • Standard multi-adaptor can be applied to connect with almost any adaptor type. Also provides interchangeable fiber adaptors of serval common types
  • Higher output laser power, Max 15km detecting range
  • Integrated with continuous wave and 2Hz modulated wave output function
FORC VFL-1 Visual Fault Locator
Buy Now $125

VLS-1 visual laser source, output power .1mW, about 5km


FORC VFL-10 Visual Fault Locator
Buy Now $139

VLS-10 visual laser source, output power .10mW, about 12km

FORC VFL-15 Visual Fault Locator
Buy Now $145

VLS-15 visual laser source, output power .15mW, about 14km

FORC VFL-30 Visual Fault Locator
Buy Now $159

VLS-30 visual laser source, output power .30mW, about 15km

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FORC products are our own brand of OEM fiber optic test equipment which includes: OTDRs, power meters, light sources, fiber identifiers and PON meters. Our test equipment products are high quality, cost effective and serviced by our techs at our in-house service center.


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At FiberOptic Resale Corp we have a broad range of expertise on the most popular equipment saving you time, money and the inconvenience of sending your fusion splicers & cleavers to multiple OEMs. Let us keep your fiber optic equipment operating like new.

We Offer:

Lab Fusion Splicer Repair

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  • Detailed documentation on work completed
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Fujikura Fusion Splicers


Fujikura Fusion Splicers

We sell only AFL Fujikura US model fusion splicers.

Our Fujikura fusion splicer stock rotates quickly, please call 877-287-7535 to check availability.

EasySplicer FORC-EZ7

EasySplicer EZ7

This is a portable handheld V-groove clad-alignment fusion splicer. Simple to use and cost only $2099.