Optical Power Meters

Shineway Optical Power Meters

OPM-50 paired with SLS-50 Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source can be used to identify fiber, measure attenuation and loss, verify continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.

Optical Power Meter OPM-50B
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Power Range (dBm)-50 ~+27dBm

Optical power meter OPM-50B

OPM-50B Features
  • Automatic wavelength identification
  • Remote reference value setting
  • FTTx applicable
  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable
  • Memory of 1000 test records
  • Data Transfer to PC via USB
  • USB power charging
  • No warm-up, quick start
  • Backlight
  • 70 hours continuous operation
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • CE FCC certificates


Optical Power Meter OPM-15B
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Power range -70 ~ +10: ±5%±0.01nW(±0.5dB@850nm)

Optical Power Meter OPM-15B

OPM-15B Features
  • Applicable on singlemode/multimode fibers
  • Microprocessor & linear amplifier ensure long-time accuracy
  • Quick response, no warm-up
  • Interchangeable connectors: FC/SC/ST
  • Dual-way power supply: 9V alkaline battery/AC adapter
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and damp-dust-shock proof
  • Power saving: Auto-off setting
  • MOD tones detection
  • Display Units: dB/dBm/mW/μW/W
  • CE, FCC Certificates

palmOTDR Series Handheld OTDRs
Shineway palmOTDR Series

ShinewayTech® compact palmOTDRs now offer even more testing capacities, flexibility and value with combination of 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm (Mono/double/triple wavelength) OTDR, 1310/1490/1550nm PON Power Meter, Stabilized Laser Source and VFL.

The OTDR wavelengths cover the applications of regular end-to-end fiber characterization (1310/1550nm), premise/enterprise LAN testing (850/1300nm), FTTx fiber link construction verification (1490nm) and PON live fiber troubleshooting (1625/1650nm with filter). The integrated PON Power Meter can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) on any spot of the network featuring pass-through design and burst mode support. palmOTDR is your ultimate solution to meet various testing requirements of entire fiber network.

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