FORC Fiber F-7 Cleaver

Our New OEM F-7 Cleaver

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High-precision fiber cleaver is durable, reliable, light weight, and suitable for 250um, 900um, 3.0mm and ribbon fiber cable The life span of the blade averages more than 48000 rotations.

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Fiber Cleaver F-7

F-7 Cleaver Features

  • Flexible for field or indoor use with either hand is possible; simple and fast operation.
  • Blade automatically resets after cleaving, thus can improve work efficiency.
  • New upgraded design Ease of access for blade adjustment with access hole design. All adjustment tools are hardened steel T9/T8.
  • Standard automatic fiber shard collector.
  • High quality anodized aluminum alloy, increased strength, small size, and light weight.
  • Skid-proof cushioned base guarantees the cleaver works efficiently and stable.
  • Universal holder: Ribbon cable, 250um, 900um, 3mm and drop cable.
FORC Fiber OEM Fusion Splicers

The New FORC Fiber fusion splicers deliver ultra fast splicing times and have an incredibly short shrinking time. These splicers use a profile alignment technique and an extremely accurate alignment process to ensure precise splice loss estimations. A new shrinking technology greatly reduces the shrink time, thus resulting in an extremely fast total cycle time. Our OEM splicers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it's lightweight, rugged, compact and with an ergonomic design allows users to easily carry or move.

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At FiberOptic Resale Corp we have a broad range of expertise on the most popular equipment saving you time, money and the inconvenience of sending your fusion splicers & cleavers to multiple OEMs. Let us keep your fiber optic equipment operating like new.

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