Fitel Fiber Holders

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Fitel Fiber Holders

Fitel Fusion Splicer Fiber Holders
& Fiber Clamps

Authorized Fitel Reseller

The Fiber Holders are designed for fast, high precision loading of single and ribbon fiber for stripping, cleaving and splicing. These easy-to-use holders are sold in pairs and are designed for use with FITEL's high precision splicers.

Fitel Ribbon, Loose Tube, Large Diameter Fiber Holders and Fiber Clamps

Fitel S712A-002 Fiber Holders 2-Ribbon for S123M12
S712A-002 | Buy Now $450
Fitel S712A-004 Fiber Holders 4-Ribbon for S123M12
S712A-004 | Buy Now $450
Fitel S712A-006 Fiber Holders 6-Ribbon for S123M12
S712A-006 | Buy Now $600
Fitel S712A-008 Fiber Holders 8-Ribbon for S123M12
S712A-008 | Buy Now $450
Fitel S712A-010 Fiber Holders 10-Ribbon for S123M12
S712A-010 | Buy Now $600
Fitel S712A-012 Fiber Holders 12-Ribbon for S123M12
S712A-012 | Buy Now $450
Fitel S712A-012W Ribbon Fiber Holders 12-Ribbon WIDE for S123M12
S712A-012W | Buy Now $450
Fitel S712-MPO-R Fiber Holders S712 MPO holder for the S123M12
S712-MPO-R | Buy Now $370
Fitel S712S-160 Coating Fiber Holders 160um for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-160 | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712S-250 Coating Fiber Holders 250um for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-250 | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712S-400 Coating Fiber Holders 400um for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-400 | Buy Now $400
Fitel S712S-500 Coating Fiber Holders 500um for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-500 | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712S-550 Coating Fiber Holders 550um for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-550 | Buy Now $400
Fitel S712S-900 Coating Fiber Holders 900um for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-900 | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712S-LT-L Loose Tube Holder Left (1 piece) for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-LT-L | Buy Now $400

Fitel S712S-LT-R Loose Tube Holder Right (1 piece) for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712S-LT-R | Buy Now $400
Fitel S710S-080 Fiber Holders 160μm Coating Holders for S18x
S710S-080 | Buy Now $1150
Fitel S710S-250 Fiber Holders 250μm Coating Holders for S18x
S710S-250 | Buy Now $1150
Fitel S710S-400 Fiber Holders 400μm Coating Holders for S18x
S710S-400 | Buy Now $1150
Fitel S710S-900 Fiber Holders 900μm Coating Holders for S18x
S710S-900 | Buy Now $1150
Fitel S710S-LDF Fiber Holders for Large Diameter Fiber S18x
S710S-LDF | Buy Now $1250
Fitel S712T-010 10mm Fiber Clamps for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712T-010 | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712T-016 16mm Fiber Clamps for S178/S153/123/Ninja and S179
S712T-016 | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712T-UN Fiber and Cordage Common holder for S178/S153/S123/Ninja and S179
S712T-UN | Buy Now $300
Fitel S712A-12e 12-Rollable Ribbon Fiber Holders for S123M12/S124M12
S712A-12e | Buy Now $450
Fitel S712A-12e-P200 200um pitch 12-Rollable Ribbon Fiber Holders for S123M12/S124M12
S712A-12e-P200 | Buy Now $480
Fitel S710S-LT Fiber Holders for Loose Tube S183/S184
S710S-LT | Buy Now $1150
Fitel S712S-1300-K 1300um Coating Fiber Holders for S178LDF-K, Komatsu America
S712S-1300-K | Buy Now $1790
Fitel S712S-650-K 650um Coating Fiber Holders for S178LDF-K, Komatsu America
S712S-650-K | Buy Now $1790

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