FORC F12R Ribbon Splicer & EXFO FTB-1 OTDR Special

Sorry This Special Has Ended. Please See Our Fusion Splicer Specials Page For Our Latest Specials.

FORC F12R Ribbon Splicer EXFO FTB-1 OTDR Demo Unit

F12R Ribbon Splicer
& FTB-720 OTDR Pre-Configured

The F12R Ribbon Splicer the fully motorized clamp alignment system offers an accurate and dependable ribbon fiber splicing for up to 12 fibers. Fast splicing & heating time, ultra-high battery capacity of 232 splice/heat cycles with dual batteries standard.

The EXFO FTB-1 OTDR ultra-powerful processing and highly intuitive interface is optimized to allow field technicians to carry out dedicated FTTH, Ethernet and multi-service test applications simply and efficiently.

F12R Splicer Kit Contains

  • F12R Ribbon Splicer: F12R
  • Fiber Optic High Precision Cleaver: F7
  • SOC Heater Cover - HTN-SOC
  • Thermal Stripper: FTS-12
  • Electrodes: E14
  • Battery: FCBT-5200 (qty 2)
  • Power Cord: ACC-25
  • HDMI Cable: HDMI-01
  • AC Adapter: JS-1618
  • Cooling Rack: CG-22
  • Instruction Manual: CD
  • 12 Ribbon Fiber Holders: FH-12L/ FH-12R
  • 10 Ribbon Fiber Holders: FH-1 0L/ FH-1OR
  • 8 Ribbon Fiber Holders: FH-08L / FH-08R
  • 6 Ribbon Fiber Holders: FH-06L / FH-06R
  • 4 Ribbon Fiber Holders: FH-04L / FH-04R
  • 2 Ribbon Fiber Holders: FH-02L / FH-02R
  • Single Fiber Holders: FH-900L / FH-900R, FH-250L / FH-250R / FH-SOC
  • Transit Case: NBX-88
FORC F15 Splicer Condition:

New - 3 Year Warranty


Single-slot capacity Modular mainframe
Touchscreen, color, 800 x 480 TFT, 178 mm (7 in)
- Storage:
16 GB Internal memory
- Interfaces:
USB 2.0 ports (qty:2)
RJ-45 LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Fiber inspection probe connector port (video)

Default & Included Options
  • S1: Standard display
  • VPM2X: VFL + Power Meter
  • Visual Fault Locator (650 nm)
  • With 2.5 mm Universal Adapter
  • Power Meter (GeX detector)
  • With FOA-xx
  • RF: Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capability
  • GP-10-072: Semi-rigid
Both OTDR Base & iOLM Software OTDR features:

Macrobend detection
Linear View
Summary screen
Connectors-APC with swappable SC adapter

EXFO FTB-1 OTDR Condition:

Factory Re-certified with Calibration Cert
1 Year Warranty

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