EXFO FTB-500 Platform

The FTB-500 platform brings you new, highly advanced applications and pushes your current ones’ efficiency to new heights. So go ahead: break new ground, set new test performance standards, tame new technologies. Benefit from an all-in-one platform that you can build around your most unique requirements.

The FTB-500 can house any of EXFO’s FTB plug-and-play modules, enabling you to reconfigure your test solution as your test needs evolve. Combine physical and optical characterization applications with transport and datacom test modules covering nextgeneration 10G, 40G and 100G analysis.

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FTB-500 Platform

The FTB-500 4-slot or 8-slot platforms designed for advanced applications

When you’re ready to start your day, you want to get it started quickly. The FTB-500 “understands” this, enabling you expedite the setup process and get down to testing so that you can get to your next location faster and breeze through your tight day-to-day schedule.

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Key features

  • Connects anywhere: USB, 3G, Wi-Fi, VPN and Bluetooth
  • Loaded with utilities: All the tools required to maximize field testing, plus third-party applications
  • Like a PC: Intel processor with Windows Embedded Standard operating system
  • EXFO Connect-compatible: Automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database
  • GPS capabilities: Accurate coordinates under the same conditions as a regular satellite GPS receiver


FTB-500 8-Slot Platform

Distributed PMD analysis

Single-ended, span-by-span measurement of PMD, enabling targeted fiber upgrades and cost-effective deployment of 10, 40 and 100 Gbit/s transmission.

Full fiber characterization

PMD, CD and OTDR testing combined in a single solution, for in-depth fiber characterization. Run FastReporter post-processing software while performing your acquisitions, for faster data analysis and report generation—directly on-site.

FTB-500 4-Slot Platform

ROADM and PTN turn-up testing

Combines SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet and Fibre Channel analysis, as well as an optical spectrum analyzer with a built-in polarization controller.

CWDM turn-up testing

Integrates two metro/CWDM OTDRs and a high-power—up to 23 dBm—optical spectrum analyzer (with built-in polarization controller) into a single portable solution.

Multiservice testing

Simultaneously runs a 10 gigabit next-generation SONET/SDH analyzer, as well as 1 gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet analyzers, delivering IPTV test capabilities and TCP throughput assessment.

Gigabit/10 gigabit Ethernet configurations
  • Gigabit Ethernet analyzer, OTDR and optical spectrum analyzer with polarization controller
  • Gigabit Ethernet analyzer, 10 gigabit Ethernet analyzer and OTDR


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