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Divot® Bare Fiber Tester & Adapter Kits

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Testing bare fiber just got a lot easier and faster. The Divot® Bare Fiber Tester (Tester) accepts cleaved and non-cleaved fiber, requires only 3/4” of bare fiber exposed and has a typical insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB when using cleaved fiber. No messy gel applicators or reservoirs to fill. Simply strip your fiber and insert.

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Divot® Bare Fiber Tester (Tester) Features:
Accepts cleaved and non-cleaved fiber | Quickly test fiber without terminating | Internal replaceable cartridge filled with optical coupling compound | Low insertion loss and reflectance | No dipping, messy applicators or external reservoirs to fill | Reusable | LiteLOCK® Technology

Bare Fiber Deluxe Testing Kits Comes with:

  • Divot® Module with Patch Cable
  • OCC Replacement Cartridges
  • Clean-out Wire
  • Carry Case
  • Dust Cap for end of OCC cartridge when loaded in Divot Module (not shown)
Bare Fiber Standard Kits Includes

  • Divot® Module with Patch Cable
  • 6 Sealed OCC Cartridges)
  • Clean-out Wire, 40 pcs
  • Clean-out Wire Guide)
  • Divot® Module Desktop Holder/Mount
  • Case
  • Dust Cap for end of OCC cartridge when loaded in Divot Module (not shown)

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