Fiber Optic Cleavers

In addition to fiber optic cleavers we also offer replacement cleaver blades, these cleaver blades last just as long as the original equipment blades and cost less.

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Fitel S326 Cleaver
Fitel S310 Single Fiber Field Cleaver - Buy Now $180

Fitel S315 Score & Snap Single Fiber Field Cleaver - Buy Now $185

Fitel S326S Cleaver for 80um Fiber - Buy Now $1400

OFS Fitel S326A High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver - Buy Now $680

FORC Fiber OEM Cleavers

Fiber Cleaver F-7

High-precision fiber cleaver is durable, reliable, light weight, and suitable for 250um, 900um, 3.0mm and ribbon fiber cable The life span of the blade averages more than 48000 rotations.

Please call 877-287-7535 for availability

All Sumitomo cleavers >>

Sumitomo FC-6S Cleaver

FC-8R Fiber Optic Cleaver
FC-6RM-C Fiber Optic Cleaver
FC-6RS Fiber Optic Cleaver
FC-6S Fiber Optic Cleaver
FC-SE-AFC-08 Fiber Optic Cleaver
JR-6 Thermal Jacket Remover

Please call 877-287-7535 or email to check on available & price for Sumitomo cleavers. We also offer Sumitomo replacement cleaver blades.

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Ericsson EFC-11-4 Cleaver
For the latest Ericsson cleaver products available please call 877-287-7535 or email

Fusion Splicer Cleaning, Calibration & Repair Services

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At FiberOptic Resale Corp we have a broad range of expertise on the most popular equipment saving you time, money and the inconvenience of sending your fusion splicers & cleavers to multiple OEMs. Let us keep your fiber optic equipment operating like new.

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