Cleaning & Tool Kits

Fiber Optic Cleaning Products & Kits

Fiber Optic Cleaning products including IBC™ Brand Cleaners, NEOCLEAN E and Micro Care™. Maintain error free networking components using reliable cleaning solutions for easy quick cleaning of fiber optic connections.

Polywater QC-Kit2 Cleaning Kit

Polywater Brand Cleaners

Polywater offers a large variety of cleaning wipes and towels for all of your communication needs. AquaKleen™ Water-based Fiber Optic Endface Cleaner is a brand new solution to the problem of cleaning fiber. FiberKleen™ towelette dispenser contains 175 lint-free, high-quality microfiber towels that are used to clean ferrules, bulkheads and fiber endfaces. Polywater cleaning wipes are heavy duty towelettes feature a textured side to quickly remove grease. Polywater towels are lint free, non fraying ultra-clean material.

Polywater Cleaning Kits
Polywater Cleaning Wipes & Towels

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit CLEANKIT™ Sticklers FK03

Sticklers™ Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits from Sticklers&trade: features CLEANCLICKERR 750 cleaners for cleaning Fiber Optic Splices & Connectors, a variety of CLEANSTIXXR cleaning sticks, fiber optic wipes, dust remover and more.

General Purpose CLEANKIT™ Sticklers FK03 Buy Now $107.80/kit
Cleaning Kits for Fiber Optic Splices & Connectors

General Purpose CLEANKIT™ Sticklers FK08 Buy Now $215.00/kit
Cleaning Kits featuring the CLEANCLICKERR 750 cleaners for cleaning Fiber Optic Splices & Connectors

IBC Cleaners LC Cleaners

US Conec IBC™ Brand Cleaners

The US Conec IBC™ Brand Cleaners are mechanical cleaning tools designed to clean connectors residing in an adapter or faceplate and unmated connectors. The IBC™ Brand Cleaning tools use a novel dry cleaning strand to gently sweep and lift away dust and residues from the connector end face.

IBC™ Cleaner LC 9393 - Buy Now $63.50
IBC™ Cleaner SC 9392 - Buy Now $63.50

NEOCLEAN-E3 US Conec Cleaners

NEOCLEAN E Refillable Cleaners

The NEOCLEAN E is a dry cloth cleaning tool specifically designed to clean single fiber connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. The dust cap of the cleaning tool acts as an adapter for cleaning unmated connectors.

NEOCLEAN E1 1.25mm $78.50
NEOCLEAN E1 1.25mm Refill Pack Buy Now 175.00
NEOCLEAN E3 2.25mm - $78.50
NEOCLEAN E3 2.25mm Refill Pack Buy Now $175.00

FORC Fiber Optic FOR650 Cleaning Kit

FORC Fiber Optics Cleaning & Tool Kits

Fiber Optic Testing & Cleaning Tool Kits from FORC Fiber Optics include all necessary tools for fiber optic testing and cleaning. These tool kits are used for fiber loss testing, visual fault locating, connector inspection and cleaning, etc.

FOR650 Cleaning Kit Buy Now $875
FOR750 Cleaning Kit - Buy Now $495

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