Fujikura 70S+ Fusion Splicer Kit

FSM-70S+ Single Fiber Fusion Splicer U.S. Channel Splicer

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  • Splicing 6sec. (ULTRA FAST)
  • Tube heating time 9sec. (Slim60mm)
  • Minimum manual operation. Splice in 4 steps.
  • Multi-function transit case with integrated work station.
  • Slide in AC adapter
  • Absolute robustness
  • Bluetooth capability connection

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70S+ Kit Contents

  • CT-50 Cleaver - Height L
  • BTR-09 Battery AFL #S015581
  • ADC Power Cord M Style
  • ADC-18 Power Cord
  • Transit Case w/Strap

The 70S+ is the new standard core alignment fusion splicer covering varied splicing needs in those fields with a series of innovative features, such as automated wind protector / tube heaters, 6 seconds splicing and 9 seconds tube heating, ruggedized body, improved carrying case, wireless communication functions, etc. They are all for great splicing efficiency

70S+ Fusion Splicer Specifications

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